Geomorphology and Geoecology: General, Invited and Special Lectures

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Geomorphology: Geomorphology and Geoecology, Frankfurt/Main 1989 / Volume I. Dietrich Barsch

1990. V, 216 pages, 74 figures, 11 tables, 17x24cm, 570 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 79)

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Invited and Special Lectures
Brunsden, D.: Tablets of Stone: toward the Ten Commandments of
Geomorphology (with 9 figures, 1 photo and 3 tables) 1
Barsch, D.: Geomorphology and Geoecology (with 3 figures) 39
Goudie, A. S.: The Global Geomorphological Future (with 1 table) 51
Kirkby, M.: The Landscape viewed through Models (with 10 figures) 63
Coates, D. R.: Perspectives of Environmental Geomorphology (with 18
figures and 3 tables) 83
Pissart, A.: Advances in Periglacial Geomorphology (with 3 photos and
6 figures) 119
Starkel, L.: Fluvial Environment as an Expression of Geoecological
Changes (with 15 figures and 1 table) 133
Semmel, A.: Frankfurt am Main and its Surroundings. A Geoecological
View (with 4 figures and 1 table) 153
Bremer, H.: Geomorphology in Central Europe - especially in the
Federal Republic of Germany (with 6 figures) 159
General Information
Barsch, D. & A. Semmel: The Second International Conference on
Geomorphology in Frankfurt/Main 1989 (with 2 tables) 171
Reports on the Pre- and Post-Conference Symposis and Workshops
Bork, H.-R.: Simulation of Overland Flow-Processes and their Influence
on Landscape Evolution (S 01) 177
Heuberger, H.: Mountain Hazard Geomorphology (S 03) 179
Stablein, G.: Polar, Glacial and Periglacial Environments (S 05) (with
2 figures) 180
Ergenzinger, P.: Erosion Processes in Mediterranean Climate-Type
Landscapes (S 06) 184
Mäckel, R. & A. Bullock: Duricrusts and Dambos (S 07 and S 08) (with 1
figure) 186
Brakenridge, G. R.: Floodplain Evolution (S 09) 192
Kelletat, D.: Zonality in Coastal Geomorphology and Ecology (S 10) 196
Burger, D.: Planation in Limestones and Problems of Tropical Karst
(Processes and Measurements) (S 11) 197
Vinken, R.: Digital Maps in Geosciences (S 12) 199
Tricart, J.-L. F.: Remote Sensing of the Ecological Environment (S 13) 199
The Farewell Lecture
Walker, H. J. & W. Grabau: The privilege of being a geomorphologist 207
A Participant's View
Kennedy, B. A.: "Paint Your Boulder": The Second Interational
Connference on Geomorphology, Frankfurt, September 3-8, 1989 213