Geomorphology and Geoecology: Coastal Dynamics and Environments

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Geomorphology: Geomorphology and Geoecology, Frankfurt/Main 1989 / Volume III

Ed.: R.P. Paskoff; Dieter Kelletat

1991. VI, 199 pages, 92 figures, 11 tables, 1 chart, 17x24cm, 570 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 81)

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Foreword V
Paskoff, R. & D. Kelletat: Introduction: Review of coastal problems
(with 6 figures) 1
Healy, T.: Coastal erosion and sea level rise (with 4 figures and 1
table) 15
Caputo, C., L. D'Alessandro, G. B. La Monica, B. Landini & E. Lupia
Palmieri: Present erosion and dynamics of Italian beaches (with 1
chart) 31
Reed, D. J.: Ponds and Bays: Natural Processes of Coastal Marsh
Erosion in the Mississippi Deltaic Plain, Louisiana, U.S.A. (with 4
figures, 2 photos and 1 table) 41
Walker, H. J.: Bluff erosion at Barrow and Wainwright, Arctic Alaska
(with 4 figures and 4 photos) 53
Bourman, R. P. & C. V. Murray-Wallace: Holocene evolution of a sand
spit at the mouth of a large river system: Sir Richard Peninsula and
the Murray Mouth, South Australia (with 4 figures, 7 photos and 3
tables) 63
Anthony, E. J.: Beach-ridge plain development: Sherbro Island, Sierra
Leone (with 6 figures and 2 photos) 85
Jagger, K. A., N. P. Psuty & J. R. Allen: Caleta morphodynamics,
Perdido Key, Florida, U.S.A. (with 8 figures and 2 tables) 99
Diaw, A. T., N. Diop, M. D. Thiam & Y. F. Thomas: Remote sensing of
spit development: a case study of Sangomar spit, Senegal (with 6
figures and 1 table) 115
Sanjaume, E. & J. Pardo: Dune Regeneration on a Previously Destroyed
Dune Field, Devesa del Saler, Valencia, Spain (with 4 figures, 3
photos and 1 table) 125
Bauer, B. O., J. R. Allen, K. F. Nordstrom & D. J. Sherman: Sediment
redistribution in a groin embayment under shore-normal wave approach
(with 7 figures and 1 table) 135
Paskoff, R. P. & A. Oueslati: Modifications of Coastal Conditions in
th Gulf of Gabes (Southern Tunisia) since Classical Antiquity (with 11
figures) 149
Ota, Y.: Coseismic uplift in coastal zones of the western Pacific rim
and its implications for coastal evolution (with 9 figures, 5 photos
and 1 table) 163
Kelletat, D.: The 1550 BP tectonic event in the Eastern Mediterranean
as a basis for assessing the intensity of shore processes (with 18
figures) 181
Senn, D. G. & M. Glasstetter: Barnacle Reefs in the Eastern Pacific
(with 1 figure) 195