Geomorphology and Geoecology: Karst

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Geomorphology: Geomorphology and Geoecology, Frankfurt/Main 1989 / Volume VII

Ed.: J. Nicod; Karl-Heinz Pfeffer; Marjorie Sweeting

1992. VI, 144 pages, 67 figures, 16 tables, 17x24cm, 370 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 85)

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Preface IV

Busche, D. & B. Sponholz: Morphological and micromorphological aspects
of the sandstone karst of eastern Niger (with 5 figures and 10 photos) 1-18
Chardon, M.: Karstic denudation and tufas deposits in high alpine
mountains (Alpes, France) (with 6 figures, 6 photos and 2 tables) 19-38
Nicod, J. (avec la collaboration de J. J. Blanc et S. Pomel):
Recherches sur l'évolution du karst du Massif de Montrieux (Basse
Provence) (avec 6 figures, 2 photos et 1 tableau) 39-57
Soriano, M. A.: Characteristics of the alluvial dolines developed due
to the dissolution of gypsum materials in the central Ebro Basin
(Spain) (with 6 figures, 2 photos and 3 tables) 59-72
Ambert, M. & P. Ambert: Les mégalapiés dolomitiques des Grands
Causses: Morphogenèse néogène et évolution quaternaire (avec 6 figures
et 2 photos) 73-87
Gil-Sem's, M. V.: Quantitative analysis of solution flutes in La Safor
Karst, Valencia, Spain (with 3 figures, 2 photos and 1 table) 89-100
Barany-Kevei, I.: Karst soils as indicators of karst development in
Hungarian karsts (with 5 figures) 101-110
Lin Junshu, Zhang Yaoguang & Fang Jinfu: Preliminary study on soil
erosion in karst regions in China (with 1 figure and 2 tables) 111-114
Singh, Y.: Study on the cave passages in Precambrian Bhander Limestone
of the Vindhyan Supergroup, India (with 15 figures and 1 table) 115-126
Singh, S., M. S. Singh & A. Dubey: Morphogenesis of cavernous topography
in sub-humid tropical environment- a case study of Guptadham Cave, India
(with 14 figures and 6 tables) 127-144