Geomorphology and Geoecology: Fluvial Geomorphology

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Geomorphology: Geomorphology and Geoecology, Frankfurt/Main 1989 / Vol. X

Ed.: Ian Douglas; Jürgen Hagedorn

1991. 139 pages, 77 figures, 10 tables, 17x24cm, 380 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 88)

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Billi, P.: Steep mountain streams: processes and sediment (with 12
figures, 3 photos and 1 table) 1-16
Vandenberghe, J.: Changing fluvial processes under changing
periglacial conditions (with 7 figures and 2 photos) 17-28
Warner, R.F.: Downstream changes in channel morphology and capacity in
the Bellinger Valleys, NSW, Australia (with 17 figures and 3 tables) 29-47
James, L.A.: Sustained reworking of hydraulic mining sediment in California:
G.K. Gilbert's sediment wave model reconsidered (with 8 figures, 3 photos
and 1 table) 49-66
Bravard, J.-P. & J.-L. Peiry: La disparition du tressage fluvial dans
les Alpes francaises sous l'effet de l'amenagement des cours d'eau
(19-20ème siecle) (avec 5 figures) 67-79
Salvador, P.G., J.P. Bravard, J. Vital & J.L. Voruz: Archaeological evidence
for Holocene floodplain development in the Rhone valley, France
(with 7 figures) 81-95
Berendsen, H.J.A.: Holocene fluvial geomorphology of the floodplain of the
rivers Rhine and Meuse in The Netherlands (with 7 figures) 97-107
Macklin, M.G. & J. Lewin: Holocene river alluviation in Britain (with
5 figures and 1 table) 109-122
Rögner, K. & W. Smykatz-Kloss: The fine-grained sediments of Wadi
Firan (Sinai, Egypt): Origin and sedimentology (with 9 figures, 3
photos and 4 tables) 123-139