Late Vistulian (= Weichselian) and Holocene Aeolian Phenomena in Central and Northern Europe

Ed.: Stefan Kozarski

1991. 207 pages, 68 figures, 7 tables, 6 plates, 17x24cm, 520 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 90)

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Foreword IV
BORSY, Z.: Blown sand territories in Hungary (with 6 figures and 7
photos) 1
BÖSE, M.: A palaeoclimatic interpretation of frost-wedge casts and
aeolian sand deposits in the lowlands between Rhine and Vistula in the
Upper Pleniglacial and Late Glacial (with 7 figures and 3 photos) 15
CASTEL, I. I. Y.: Micromorphology of the transition peat - Holocene
drift sand deposits in the northern Netherlands (with 4 figures, 3
photos and 1 table) 29
Glacial aeolian processes in the light of sediment analysis from
Kamion profile near Wyszogrod (with 1 figure) 45
GOZDZIK, J.: Sedimentological record of aeolian processes from the
Upper Plenivistulian and the turn of Pleni- and Late Vistulian in
Central Poland (with 4 figures) 51
HAGEDORN, H., R. RÖSNER, J. KURZ & D. BUSCHE: Loesses and aeolian
sands in Franconia, F.R.G. (with 5 figures and 1 table) 61
KLATKOWA, H.: Remarks on dating and chronostratigraphy of Late
Vistulian and Holocene aeolian episodes in Middle Poland (with 5
figures and 1 table) 77
KOLSTRUP, E.: Danish Weichselian and Holocene aeolian deposits and
their environment: a preliminary account (with 6 figures) 89
KONECKA-BETLEY, K.: Late Vistulian and Holocene fossil soils developed
from aeolian and alluvial sediments of the Warsaw Basin (with 2
figures) 99
KOZARSKI, S. & B. NOWACZYK: Lithofacies variation and
chronostratigraphy of Late Vistulian and Holocene aeolian phenomena in
northwestern Poland (with 4 figures and 2 tables) 107
LAUTRIDOU, J.-P.: Les Sables de couverture weichseitens de la Bale du
Mont- Saint Michel (France) (aver 5 figures) 123
MANIKOWSKA, B.: Vistulian and Holocene aeolian activity,
pedostratigraphy and relief evolution in Central Poland (with 1
figure, 6 photos and 1 table) 131
SCHRYTER, P.: Recent and periglacial wind action in Scania and
adjacent areas of S Sweden (with 3 figures) 143
SCHWAN, J. Palaeowetness indicators in a Weichselian Late Glacial to
Holocene aeolian succession in the southwestern Netherlands (with 5
figures and 5 photos) 155
SZCZYPEK, T. & J. WACH: Human impact and intensity of aeolian
processes in the Silesian-Cracow Upland (Southern Poland) (with 3
figures and 3 photos) 171
TEISSEYRE, A. K.: Aeolian processes on Turawskie Lake (Silesia
Lowland, southwestern Poland): A field experiment (with 1 figure and 6
plates) 179
VANDENBERGHE, J.: Changing conditions of aeolian sand deposition
during the last deglaciation period (with 6 figures, 4 photos and 1
table) 193