Geomorphology of the Tropics with special reference to South Asia and Africa

Ed.: Jörg Grunert

1992. VII, 208 pages, 89 figures, 15 tables, 17x24cm, 520 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 91)

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Preface V
BREMER, H.: Relief and soil in the Tropics - a data base (with 3
tables) 1 RIETHER, N.: Geomorphological processes observed in
sediments from western Sri Lanka (with 5 hgures) 11
LAUFENBERG, M.: The different types of weathering of tropical soils in
relation to source-rock material - examples from southern and western
India - (with 7 figures) 23
KREUTZWALD, L.: The comparison from soil samples of tectonically
active and stable areas with examples from Central- and South America
(with 5 figures and 2 tables) 29
SANDER, H.: Polygenetic soils of Australia and their typical
pedofeatures (with 7 figures) 35
BRÜCKNER, H. & N. BRUHN: Aspects of weathering and peneplanation in
southern India (with 3 photos, 11 figures and 1 table) 43
KUBINIOK, J.: Soils and weathering as indicators of landform
development in the mountains and basins of Northern Thailand (with 6
figures) 67
SCHNÜTGEN, A.: Spheroidal weathering, granular disintegration and
loamification of compact rock under different climatic conditions
(with 7 figures) 79
BORGER, H.: Paleotropical weathering on different rocks in Southern
Germany (with 4 photos and 6 figures) 95
RUNGE, J.: Geomorphological observations concerning
palaeoenvironmental conditions in eastern Zaire (with 3 photos, 4
figures and 2 tables) 109
MEYER, B.: A detailed soil differentiation of slopes with slight
inclination in the Niamtougou plain in North-Togo (with 1 photo and 7
figures) 123
HEINRICH, J.: Pediments in the Gongola Basin, NE-Nigeria, development
and recent morphodynamics (with 4 photos and 2 figures) 135
BRUNK, K.: Late Holocene and recent geomorphodynamics in the
south-western Gongola Basin, NE Nigeria (with 5 figures) 149
MICHEL, P. & D. LOUEMBE: Consequences de l'extension des villes sur la
morphodynamique en Afrique: les exemples de Dakar, Nouakchott et
Brazzaville (avec 4 photos et 4 figures) 161
potential of a transition zone - examples from different ecosystem
units of the Sahel, Republic of Sudan (with 1 photo, 4 figures and 1
table) 175
BESLER, H. & L. PFEIFFER: Sand encroachment at Oursi (Burkina Faso):
reactivation of fixed draa or deflation of Mare sands? (with 6 figures
and 4 tables) 185
THIEMEYER, H.: Desertification in the ancient erg of NE-Nigeria (with
3 photos, 3 figures and 2 tables) 197