Last Ice Sheet Dynamics and Deglaciation in the North European Plain

International Symposium Poznán, Berlin, May 1992

Ed.: Margot Böse; Stefan Kozarski

1994. VI, 149 pages, 96 figures, 3 tables, 17x24cm, 450 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 95)

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BÖSE, M.: Ice margins and deglaciation in the Berlin area between
Brandenburg and Frankfurt end moraines - a review (with 2 figures) 1
HVIDTFELDT CHRISTTANSEN, H.: Late-Glacial landscape evolution in the
Bjergsted area, Denmark (with 5 figures) 7
HUMLUM, O.: Late Weichselian deglaciation of Denmark: Some general
problems (with 9 figures) 19
KARCZEWSKI, A.: Morpho- and lithogenetic diversification of the
Pomeranian Phase in western and central Pomerania (with 11 figures) 35
KOZARSKI, S. & L. KASPRZAK: Dynamics of the last Scandinavian ice
sheet and glaciodislocation metamorphism of unconsolidated deposits in
west central Poland: a terminological approach (with 8 figures and 1
table) 49
KRZYSKKOWSKI, D.: A new approach to Late Weichselian ice sheet
dynamics in western Poland (with 8 figures) 59
MALMBERG PERSSON, K. & E. LAGERLUND: Lithostratigraphy and
sedimentology of a coastal cliff, NW Poland (with 7 figures) 69
MARKS, L.: Dead-ice features at the maximum extent of the last
glaciation in northeastern Poland (with 7 figures) 77
MATVEEV, A.V.: Dynamics of the last ice sheet within the territory of
Belarus (with 3 figures and 2 tables) 85
NAZAROV, V.: Coleoptera faunal composition in Belarus during the
terminal Pleistocene (with 1 figure) 91
NIEWAROWSKI, W. & W. WYSOTA: Geomorphological, sedimentological and
structural records of ice front dynamics during the Upper
Plenivistulian: an example from the southeastern part of the
Chelmno-Dobrzyn Lakeland (with 6 figures) 95
PETERSS, K.: Autoplastic gravity structures in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(Germany) (with 14 figures) 105
PAUKAS, A. & R. KARUKÄPP: Stagnant ice features in the eastern Baltic
(with 3 figures) 119
SORBY, L.: The Simrishamn diamicton - a glacioaquatic sediment in
southeastern Skane, Sweden (with 8 figures) 127
WISNIEWSKI, E. & L. ANDRZEJEWSKI: The problem of the Warsaw ice-dammed
lake drainage through the Warsaw-Berlin-Pradolina at the last ice
sheet maximum (with 4 figures) 141