Late Quaternary and present-day fluvial processes in Central Europe

Ed.: Jürgen Hagedorn

1995. 203 pages, 100 figures, 13 tables, 17x24cm, 580 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 100)

ISBN 978-3-443-21100-4, paperback, price: 63.00 €

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MEINKE, K.: The development of the middle and lower course of the
Weser river during the Late Pleistocene (with 4 figures and 1 table) 1-13
BIBUS, E. & J. WESLER: The middle Neckar as an example of
fluvio-morphological processes during the Middle and Late Quaternary
period (with 4 figures) 15-26
SCHiRMER, W.: Valley bottoms in the Late Quaternary (with 10 figures) 27-51
BUCH, M. W. & K. HEINE: Fluvial geomorphodynamics in the Danube River
valley and tributary river systems near Regensburg during the Upper
Quaternary - theses, questions and conclusions (with 4 figures) 53-64
EINSELE, G. & W. RICKEN: The Wutach gorge in SW Germany: late Würmian
(periglacial) downcutting versus Holocene processes (with 15 figures) 65-87
MÄCKEL, R. & G. ZOLLINGER: Holocene river and slope dynamics in the
Black Forest and Upper Rhine Lowlands under the impact of man (with 6
figures) 89-100
behavior of the alpine Ruetz River (Stubai Valley, Tyrol, Austria) in
historical times (with 5 figures) 101-113
SEMMEL, A.: Development of gullies under forest cover in the Taunus and
Crystalline Odenwald Mountains, Germany (with 5 figures) 115-127
MOLDENHAUER, K.-M.: Fluvial dynamic processes in forested catchment areas
in the Central German Uplands (with 7 figures) 129-139
BECHT, M. & K.-F. WETZEL: Present-day fluvial slope erosion and
fluvial valley development in the montane zone of elevation in the
Northern Limestone Alps (with 9 figures and 5 tables) 141-157
HÖFNER, T.: Fluvial dynamics in the periglacial belt of the Central
Austrian Alps (with 5 figures) 159-166
PÖRTGE, K.-H.: Temporal and spatial variation in dissolved and solid
load yields in partial catchment areas of the upper Leine river
(southern Lower Saxony) (with 10 figures and 1 table) 167-179
SCHÜTT, B.: Dissolved load budget of drainage basin systems on
silicate rocks and land use in the Northern Eifel/Germany (with 5
figures and 4 tables) 181-192
ERGENZINGER, P. & K.-H. SCHMIDT: Single particle bed load transport:
First results from new approaches (with 10 figures and 2 tables) 193-203