Field methods and models to quantify rapid coastal changes

Internat. Geographical Union, Commission on Coastal Systems. Proceedings of the Field Symposium Crete, Greece, April 1994

Ed.: Dieter Kelletat; Norbert P. Psuty

1996. IV, 232 pages, 114 figures, 6 tables, 17x24cm, 650 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 102)

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Preface V
Regional Examples
KELLETAT, D.: Perspectives in Coastal Geomorphology of Western Crete,
Greece (with 13 figures) 1-19
PIRAZZOLI, P.A., J. LABOREL & S.C. STIROS: Coastal Indicators of Rapid
Uplift and Subsidence: Examples from Crete and other Eastern
Mediterranean Sites (with 9 figures) 21-35
KAYAN, I.: Holocene Coastal Development and Archaeology in Turkey
(with 8 figures) 37-59
SCHRÖDER, B. & B. BAY: Late Holocene Rapid Coastal Change in Western
Anatolia - Büyük Menderes Plain as a Case Study (with 5 figures) 61-70
BARTOLINI, C. & L. CAROBENE: Italy's Instability in the Coastal Domain
(with 15 figures and 1 table) 71-94
LOPEZ GARCIA: Recent Coastal Changes in the Gulf of Valencia (Spain)
(with 10 figures) 95-118
ZAZO, C., J.L. GOY, J. LARIO & P.G. SILVA: Littoral Zone and Rapid
Climatic Changes during the Last 20,000 Years. The Iberia Study Case
(with 4 figures and 1 table) 119-134
PASKOW, R.P.: Upper Quaternary Eolianites in Coastal Tunisia: A Review
(with 14 figures) 135-149
ALBERGARIA MOREIRA, M.E.S.: Bio-erosional Forms in Beachrock Reefs at
Coasts of Mozambique and Brazil (with 9 figures) 151-168
FLOREK, W.: Late Vistulian and Holocene Development of the North
Pomeranian River Valleys and the Influence of South Baltic
Neotectonics (with 6 figures) 169-183
BERNIER, P. & R. DAEONGEVILEE: Mediterranean Coastal Changes Recorded
in Beach-Rock Cementation (with 9 figures) 189-198
DAWSON, A.: The Geological Significance of Tsunamis (with 3 figures) 199-210
PSUTY, N.P.: Coastal Foredune Development and Vertical Displacement
(with 5 figures) 211-221
MÖRNER, N.A.: Sea-LevelVariability (with 4 figures and 4 tables) 223-232