High Mountain Geomorphology

Dedicated to Dietrich Barsch for his 60th anniversary

Ed.: Roland Mäusbacher; Achim Schulte

1996. 202 pages, 63 figures, 28 tables, 11 plates, 2 maps, 17x24cm, 510 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 104)

ISBN 978-3-443-21104-2, paperback, price: 60.00 €

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SLAYMAKER, O.: Geomorphology and Global Sustainability - with an
example from the Canadian Cordillera (with 1 figure) 1-11
JAKOB, M. & M.J. BOVIS: Morphometric and geotechnical controls of
debris flow activity, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia,
Canada (with 4 figures and 4 tables) 13-26
CAINE, N.: Streamilow patterns in the alpine environment of North
Boulder Creek, Colorado Front Range (with 6 figures and 5 tables) 27-42
HAEBERLI, W & D. VONDER MÜHLL: On the characteristics and possible
origins of ice in rock glacier permafrost (with 5 figures and 1 table) 43-57
HICK, W.: Bewegungsmessungen 1965-1994 am Blockgletscher Macun I
(Unterengadin/Schweiz) - neue Ergebnisse (mit 3 Abbildungen und 6
Tabellen) 59-71
KING, L.: Dauerfrostboden im Gebiet Zermatt - Gornergrat - Stockhorn:
Verbreitung und dermafrostbezogene Erschließungsarbeiten (mit 12
Abbildungen und 3 Tabellen) 73-93
HOLZHAUSER, H. & H.J. ZUMBUHE: To the history of the Lower Grindelwald
Glacier during the last 2800 years - paleosols, fossil wood and
historical pictorial records - new results (with 11 plates, 2 maps, 6
figures and 6 tables) 95-127
DE GRAAFF, L.W.S.: The fluvial factor in the evolution of alpine
valleys and of ice-marginal topography in Vorarlberg (W-Austria)
during the Upper Pleistocene and Holocene (with 14 figures) 129-159
SCHROTT, L.: Some geomorphological-hydrological aspects of rock
glaciers in the Andes (San Juan, Argentina) (with 4 figures and 2
tables) 161-173
TROMBOTTO, D.: Fossiler kryogener Formenschatz des südlichen
Südamerika (mit 9 Photos und 2 Abbildungen) 175-186
HEINE, K.: The extent of the last glaciation in the Bolivian Andes
(Cordillera eal) and paleoclimatic implications (with 6 figures and 2
tables) 187-202