Tropical and Subtropical Karst

Essays dedicated to the memory of Dr. Marjorie Sweeting

Ed.: Paul W. Williams

1997. VI, 107 pages, 53 figures, 12 tables, 17x24cm, 340 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 108)

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WILLIAMS, P.W.: Introduction V-VI
VILES, H.: A lifetime of landforme: Marjorie Sweeting's work on
tropical and subtropical karst 1-4
PFEFFER, K.-H.: Paleoclimate and tropical karst in the West Indies
(with 6 figures and 1 table) 5-13
BROOK, G.A., J.B. COWART, S.A. BRANDT & L. SCOTT: Quaternary climatic
change in southern and eastern Africa during the last 300 ka: the
evidence from caves in Somalia and the Transvaal region of South
Africa (with 10 figures and 8 tables) 15-48
GILLIESON, D.: Slope form and soil properties in polygonal karst, New
Ireland, Papua New Guinea (with 7 figures and 2 tables) 49- 62
AHNERT, F. & P.W. WILLIAMS: Karst landform development in a
three-dimensional theoretical model (with 17 figures) 63-80
YUAN, D.: Rock desertification in the subtropical karst of South China
(with 6 figures and 1 table) 81- 90
YUAN, D.: The carbon cycle in karst (with 7 figures) 91-102
Book reviews
M.M. Sweeting: Karst in China: its geomorphology and environment. -
Reviewed by H. VILES, Oxford, and YUAN DAOXIAN, Guilin 103-107