Geomorphology and changing environments in Central Europe

International Association of Geomorphologists. European Regional Geomorphological Conference Hungary, April 1996

Ed.: Hanna Bremer; Dénes Lóczy

1997. VI, 261 pages, 121 figures, 22 tables, 17x24cm, 680 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 110)

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Kaiser, M.: A geomorphic evolution of the Transdanubian Mountains,
Hungary (with 2 figures) 1-14
Csillag, G. & A. Nador: Multi-phase geomorphological evolution of the
Keszthely Mountains (SW-Transdanubia) and karstic recharge of the
Hertz lake (with 2 photos and 8 figures) 15-26
Pregolovic, E., A. Bognar & D. Mihljevic: Geomorphological evidence of
neotectonic activity in NW-Croatia (with 10 figures) 27-36
Schweitzer, F.: On late Miocene - early Pliocene desert climate in the
Carpathian Basin (with 2 photos and 3 figures) 37-43
Füköh, L.: Biostratigraphic and geomorphic investigations in areas of
Hungary subsided during the Holocene (with 4 figures and 2 tables) 45-56
Kis, E.: Comparison of loess types in Hungary using granulometric
analysis (with 10 figures) 57-68
Hum, L.: Paleoenvironmental changes and geochemistry of Kesses and
paleosols in SE-Transdanubia, Hungary (with 5 figures and 3 tables) 69-83
Balogh, J.: The Blake paleomagnetic event in the Basaharc Double
paleosol complex of loess profiles Paks, Mende and Basaharc, Hungary
(with 6 figures) 85-93
Schweitzer, F. & G. Szöör: Geomorphological and stratigraphical
significance of Pliocene red clay in Hungary (with 6 figures) 95-105
Barany-Kevei, I.: Tectonic and geomorphic evolution of the Bükk
Mountains, N-Hungary with special regard to doline formation (with 5
figures) 107-114
Dobos, A.: Periglacial features and surface rock type: examples from
the S-Bükk-Mountains, N-Hungary (with 4 figures and 4 tables) 115-124

Kertesz, A., G. Richter & G. Varga: Water balance and sediment yield
in Lake Balaton Catchment, Hungary (with 6 figures and 2 tables) 125-136
Cserny, T.: Environmental geological research in the Lake Balaton
region (with 2 figures and 1 table) 137-144
Nemeth, K.: A complex phreatomagmatic volcano in the Pannonian Basin
(Tihany Paleovolcano, Hungary) (with 5 figures) 145-157
Lacika, J.: Basalt surfaces in the Slovak Carpathians (with 6 figures
and 3 tables) 159-171
Horvath, G.: Relief typology: example of Nograd county, N-Hungary
(with 1 figure) 173-178
Ielenicz, M., I. Patru & T. Cornel: A slope model for the Curvature
Subcarpathians, Romania (with 3 figures) 179-184
Molnar, K. & J. Mika: Climate as a changing component of landscape:
recent evidence and projections for Hungary (with 5 figures and 2
tables) 185-195
Kerenyi, A. & G. Szabo: The role of morphology in environmental
pollution (with 7 figures) 197-206
Stankoviansky, M.: Geomorphic effect of surface runoff in the Myjava
Hills, Slovakia (with 4 figures) 207-217
Loczy, D.: Human impact on rivers in Hungary as reflected in changes
of channel Planform (with 5 figures and 5 tables) 219-231
Szalai, Z.: Human impacts on a flood plain: The case of Haros Island,
Budapest (with 4 figures) 233-240
Lovasz, G. & L. Nagyvaradi: Geomorphological impacts of urbanisation:
example of Komlo, S-Transdanubia' Hungary (with 2 figures) 241-246
Karancsi, Z. & L. Mucsi: Human impact on the Medves region, N-Hungary
(with 2 figures) 247-253
Csüllög, G. & J. Moga: Geomorphology and drainage of the S-Gömör-Torna
karst region in view of an environmental hazard (with 4 figures) 255-261