Volcanic Geomorphology

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Geomorphology, Bologna 1997 Volume I

Ed.: Paola Fredi

1999. 1. edition, VI, 112 pages, 66 figures, 5 tables, 17x24cm, 310 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 114)

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Volcanoes have been the subject of countless studies, aimed at understanding their the eruptive mechanisms and reconstructing their eruptive history. Although it is well known and acknowledged, that volcanism is an important morphogenetic agent, geomorphological studies of volcanic surface features and the role of exogenous processes in shaping regions of volcanic activity have only been conducted in small numbers in the past.
The theme session ``Volcanic Geomorphology'' at the IV International Conference on Geomorphology was organized to rectify this situation by emphasizing the importance and the role of these surface-shaping processes.
Six of the papers presented in the theme session are published in this volume; they cover subjects related to both active and inactive volcanoes from different parts of the world and provide a representative sample of the problems being attacked by volcanic geomorphologists.
The papers presented here focus on the following topics: morphologies created by effusive and explosive volcanism; influence of tectonic variables on the emplacement and the morphological evolution of volcanic edifices; modification of ancient volcanic landforms by long-term erosional processes; rapid erosion which is responsible for post-eruptive debris flows and volcanic hazards.

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Preface V
ROSSI, M. J. Plan-curvature effect on the formation of tumuli on
shield volcanoes: an example from Leitin lava flow field in Iceland
(with 10 figures and 1 table) 1-10
DAVOLI, L., M. DEL MONTE, D. DE RITA & P. FREDI: Geomorphology and
tectonics in the Roccamorfina Volcano (Campania - Central Italy) (with
8 figures) 11-28
CICACCI, S., V. DEL GAUDIO, L. LA VOLPE & P. SANSO\': Geomorphological
features of Monte Vulture Pleistocene Volcano (Basilicata, Southern
Italy) (with 8 figures) 29-48
KARATSON, D.: Erosion of primary volcanic depressions in the Inner
Carpathian Volcanic Chain (with 9 figures and 1 table) 49-62
SUWA, H & YAMAKOSHI: Sediment discharge by storm runoff at volcanic
torrents affected by eruption (with 18 figures and 3 tables)
THOURET, J.-C., J. SUNI, J.-P. EISSEN & P. NAVARRO: Assessment of
volcanic hazards in the area of Arequipa City, based on the eruptive
history of the Misti Volcano, Southern Peru (with 13 figures) 89-112