Holocene Geomorphology

Ed.: Karl-Heinz Pfeffer

2000. VI, 282 pages, 120 figures, 30 tables, 17x24cm, 660 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues, Volume 122)

ISBN 978-3-443-21122-6, paperback, price: 86.00 €

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The current volume covers problems of subrecent (Holocene) geomorphological processes. These include beach processes, models of the soil moisture budget, shore line dynamics, landslide and rainfalls triggering them, floods drainage basin gradients and their variations. The papers highlight current research in these fields.

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Bosser, K., Levoy, F. & Flageollet, J. C.: Hierarchical organisation
of beach morphodynamic responses to contrasted climatic events on a
tropical beach in Martinique island (with 5 figures and 3 tables) 1-16
Calles, B. & Stalnacke, P.: Modelling soil moisture fluxes and surface
runoff on event basis. An experimental study from Lesotho (with 7
figures and 1 table) 17- 31
Fouache, E., Faivre, S., Dufaure, J.-J., Kovacic, V. & Tassaux, F.:
New observations on the evolution of the Croatian shoreline between
Porec, and Zadar over the past 2000 years (with 22 figures) 33-46
Gerrard, A. J. & Gardner, R. A. M.: The role of landsliding in shaping
the landscape of the Middle Hills, Nepal (with 5 figures and 7 tables)
47- 62 Glade, Th.: Modelling landslide-triggering rainfalls in
different regions of New Zealand - the soil water status model (with 6
figures and 4 tables) 63-84
Goldie, H. S. & Cox, N. J.: Comparative morphometry of limestone
pavements in Switzerland, Britain and Ireland (with 16 figures and 4
tables) 85-112

Gore, D., Brierley, G., Pickard, J. & Jansen, J.: Anatomy of a
floodout in semi-arid eastern Australia (with 12 figures) 113-139
Gupta, V. & Virdi, N. S.: On the connection between landslides and
nickpoints along the Satluj River course, Higher Himalaya, India (with
6 figures) 141-148
Knighton, A. D.: Profile form and channel gradient variation within an
upland drainage basin - River Noe, Derbyshire (with 5 figures and 2
tables) 149-164
Korup, O. & Busche, D.: Persistence of historic flood impact on a
small sand- bed-stream - Wellums Creek, New South Wales, Australia
(with 9 figures and 1 table) 165-190
Lugon, R., Gardaz, J.-M. & Vonder MÜhll, D.: The partial collapse of
the Dolent glacier moraine (Mont Blanc Range, Swiss Alps) (with 6
figures and 1 table) 191-208
Mahaney, W. C., Milner, M. W., Sanmugadas, K., Kalm, V., Bezada, M. &
Hancock, R. G. V.: Late Quaternary deglaciation and Neoglaciation of
the Humboldt Massif, northern Venezuelan Andes (with 7 figures and 4
tables) 209-226
Steiger, J., Corenblit, D. & Vervier, P.: Les justements
morphologiques contemprains duo lit mineur de la Garonne, France, et
leurs effets sur l'hydrosysteme fluvial (avec 9 figures et 1 tableau)
Tepsongkroh, P.: Geoecology of Karst Topography in Southern Thailand
(with 2 figures) 247-272
Wicherek, S.: Run-on measurements in the experimental site of
Ceccières, Parisian basin (with 3 figures and 3 tables) 273-282