Geomorphology in Environmental Application

(Mountain Geomorphology, Mass Movements, Fluvial Geomorphology)

Ed.: Karl-Heinz Schmidt; Michael Becht; Ernst Brunotte; Eitel; Bernhard; Lothar Schrott

2005. VI, 234 pages, 96 figures, 29 tables, 17x24cm, 580 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 138)

ISBN 978-3-443-21138-7, paperback, price: 79.00 €

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Kneisel, Ch.: Detecting mountain permafrost and hazard assessment for
debris flows through the application of electrical resistivity
tomography - an example from the Swiss Alps (with 6 figures and 1
table) . 1-10
Heckmann, T., Wichmann, V. & Becht, M.: Sediment transport by
avalanches in the Bavarian Alps revisited - a perspective on modelling
(with 5 figures and 2 tables) . 11-25
Barnikel, F. & Becht, M.: Regional historical analysis of natural
hazards in the Alps - The HANG Project (with 4 figures) . 27-36
Irmler, R., v.d. Borg, K., Daut, G., MÌusbacher, R., Schneider, H. &
Strunk, H.: The reconstruction of debris flow frequency using
sediments of lake Lago di Braies/N-Italy (with 7 figures and 3 tables)
Sass, O.: Spatial patterns of rockfall intensity in the northern Alps
(with 6 figures and 4 tables) 51-65
Morche, D. & Schmidt, K.-H.: Particle size and particle shape analyses
of unconsolidated material from sediment sources and sinks in a small
Alpine catchment (Reintal, Bavarian Alps, Germany) (with 1 photo, 9
figures and 2 tables) 67-79
Beylich, A.A, Lindblad, K. & Molau, U.: Direct human impacts on
mechanical denudation in an arctic-oceanic periglacial environment
in northern Swedish Lapland (Abisko mountain area) (with 6 figures and
4 tables) 81-100
Tillmann, A., Ries, J.B. & Albrecht, V.: Geomorphological processes in
mountainous regions and their modeling in web-based education (with 4
figures) . 101-112
Zemp, M., Kääb, A., Hoelzle, M. & Haeberli, W.: GIS-based modelling of
glacial sediment balance (with 8 figures and 2 tables) 113-129
Schütt, B., Thiemann, St. & Wenclawiak, B.: Deposition of modern
fluvio-lacustrine sediments in Lake Abaya, South Ethiopia-A case study
from the delta areas of Bilate River and Gidabo River, northern basin
(with 8 figures and 2 tables) 131-151
Bubenzer, O. & Besler, H.: Human occupation of sand seas during the
early and mid-Holocene examples from Egypt (with 4 figures and 1
table) 153-165
Harnischmacher, St. & Zepp, H.: Fluvialmorphologische Untersuchungen als
Grundlage für die Renaturierung kleiner Fließgewässer (mit 13 Abbildungen
und 1 Tabelle) 167-188
Damm, B.: Gravitative Massenbewegungen in Niedersachsen. Die
Altmündener Wand-Analyse und Bewertung eines Rutschungsstandortes (mit
9 Abbildungen und 3 Tabellen) 189-209
Seeger, M., Errea, M.-P., Lana-Renault, N., Beguería, S., Arnáez,
J., Martí, C., Regüés, D. & García-Ruiz, J.-M.: Charakteristika des
Sedimenttransports in einem Kleineinzugsgebiet der Aragonesischen
Pyrenäen (mit 7 Abbildungen und 4 Tabellen) 211-228