Holocene Landscape Development and Geoarchaeological Research

Ed.: Bernhard Eitel

2006. VII, 388 pages, 148 figures, 35 tables, 17x24cm, 910 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 142)

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Preface V
Zielhofer, C. & Linstädter, J.: Short-term mid-Holocene climatic
deterioration in the West Mediterranean region: climatic
impact on Neolithic settlement pattern? (with 6 figures and 2
tables) 1-17
Kadereit, A., Sponholz, B., Rösch, M., Schier, W., Kromer,
B. & Wagner, G.A. Chronology of Holocene environmental
changes at the tell site of Uivar, Romania, and its
significance for late Neolithic tell evolution in the
temperate Balkans (with 10 figures and 4 tables) 19-45
Mächtle, B., Eitel, B., Kadereit, A. & Unkel, I.: Holocene
environmental changes in the northern Atacama desert, southern
Peru (14°30' S) and their impact on the rise and fall of
Pre-Columbian cultures (with 8 figures and 3 tables) 47-62
Brückner, H., Müllenhoff, M., Gehrels, R., Herda, A.,
Knipping, M. & Vött, A.: From archipelago to floodplain -
geographical and ecological changes in Miletus and its
environs during the past six millenia (Western Anatolia,
Turkey) (with 5 figures and 2 tables) 63-83
Vött, A., Brückner, H., Handl, M. & Schriever, A.: Holocene
palaeogeographies and the geoarchaeological setting of the
Mytikas coastal plain (Akarnania, NW Greece) (with 8 figures
and 1 table) 85-108
Kadereit, A., Dekner, U., Hansen, L., Pare, C. & Wagner, G.A.:
Geoarchaeological studies of man-environment interaction at
the Glauberg, Wetterau, Germany (with 10 figures and 4 tables)
Leopold, M. & Völkel, J.: The Celtic Rampart of the Oppidum at
Manching - An example for a multi-methodological
interaction of Soil Science and Archaeology in Southern
Germany (with 6 figures) 135-148
Kaiser, K., Miehe, G., Schoch, W.H., Zander, A. & Schlütz,
F.: Relief, soil and lost forests: Late Holocene environmental
changes in southern Tibet under human impact (with 5 figures
and 4 tables) 149-173
Stolz, C. & Grunert, J.: Holocene colluvia, medieval gully
formation and historical land use. A case study from the
Taunus Mountains/southern Rhenish Slate Massif (with 12
figures and 2 tables) 175-194
Sudhaus, D., Friedmann, A. & Mäckel, R.: Late-Glacial and
Holocene Geomorpho-dynamics and Landscape Development in the
Eastern Black Forest (with 4 figures and 2 tables) 195-205
Sass, O., Wetzel, K.-F. & Friedmann, A.: Landscape dynamics of
sub-alpine forest fire slopes in the Northern Alps -
preliminary results (with 9 figures and 3 tables) 207-227
Schulte, A., Albrecht, M., Daut, G., Wallner, J., Jansky, B. &
van Geldern, R.: Analyses and assessment of the sedimentary
record of Lake Mladotice (western Czech Republic) in relation
to flood events and pre- to postcommunist change in land use
(with 10 figures) 229-243
Quick, I. & Brunotte, E.: The significance of irreversible
changes in natural environmental conditions for the
development of geomorphological watercourse models on large
rivers: A case study of the Lower Rhine (Germany) (with 9
figures and 2 tables) 245-264
Bolten, A. & Bubenzer, O.: New elevation data (SRTM/ASTER) for
geomorphological and geoarchaeological research in arid
regions (with 6 figures and 2 tables) 265-279
Klewinghaus, A., Turkelboom, F. & Skowronek, A.: A
GPS/GIS-integrated approach to the assessment of current soil
erosion by water - experiences from Mediterranean NW-Syria
(with 13 figures) 281-305
Casper, M., Waldenmeyer, G. & Herbst, M.: Modelling moisture
patterns and runoff in a Black Forest sandstone catchment:
Incorporating expert knowledge into the Topographical Index
concept (with 8 figures) 307-317
Bremer, H. & Sander, H.: Data base supported
regolith-analysis, geomorphologic processes and morphogenesis
in the humid tropics (with 8 figures and 2 tables) 319-333
Reuther, A.U., Ivy-Ochs, S. & Heine, K.: Application of
surface exposure dating in glacial geomorphology and the
interpretation of moraine ages (with 6 figures) 335-359
Iturrizaga, L.: Key forms for reconstructing glacier dams,
lakes and outburst floods: Historical ice-dammed lakes in the
Karambar valley, Hindukush (Pakistan) (with 17 photos, 5
figures and 2 tables) 361-388