Asian Urbanization

Problems and processes

Ed.: Frank J. Costa; Ashok K. Dutt; Laurence J. Ma; ; Allen G. Noble

1988. XI, 165 pages, 53 figures, 21 tables, 21x28cm, 760 g
Language: English

(Urbanization of the Earth, Volume 5)

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Asian cities provide for the livelihood and residence of a majority of the human race, but the intensity of urbanization varies significantly across the continent. This book provides a broad overview of the general themes associated with urbanization in its Asian context. Urban processes are examined against the background of migration trends, national econ- omic policies and the past and current emphasis on regional development in various locations. The historical antecedents to current urbanization trends are discussed in several chapters. The bulk of the volume, however, is a review of urbanization processes and policy responses to urbanization in a variety of Asian settings. Among the countries for which urban analyses are provided are India, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Topical areas covered in the book include national economic planning, regional development, urban design Planning and urban renewal policies, as well as general descriptive themes such as land use and demography.

Several highly regarded Asian experts, not only from Asia, but from North America, the Caribbean and Europe, have contributed to the book in addition to the editors, each of whom is widely recognized as a specialist in different parts of the continent: Costa (Southwest Asia), Dutt (South and Southeast Asia), Ma (East Asia), and Noble (South Asia).

Of interest to: geographers, especially in the field of population and settlement geography, agricultural and economic geography, transportation geography and historical geography; ethno- graphers, linguists, travel and transportation specialists, politicians, specialists in economic policy, cartographers, historians and their institutions, scientific libraries.

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Preface V
List of Contributors VII
List of Figures IX
List of Tables XI
Chapter 1 Divergent Paths and Policy Responses in Asian Urbanization and
Frank J. Costa, Ashok K. Dutt, Laurence J. C. Ma, and Allen G. Noble 1
Chapter 2 Early European Suburbanization in the Indo-British Port Cities
Meera Kosambi and John E. Brush 9
Chapter 3 Planned Cities of India: A Study of Jaipur, New Delhi and Chandigarh
Neil E. Sealey 25
Chapter 4 Reflections on Primacy: Cases from Asia
Norton Ginsburg 39
Chapter 5 Trends in Urbanization and Urban Development in Sri Lanka
Bernard L. Panditharatne and Allen G. Noble 47
Chapter 6 Urban Development Issues in Asia with Special Reference to Sri Lanka
Ved Prakash and Jack Huddleston 63
Chapter 7 The Intermediate City Concept Reviewed and Applied to Major Cities
of Sumatra, Indonesia, 1961-1980
William A. Withington 77
Chapter 8 The Program Planning Model: A Tool for Policy Planning and Policy
Research in South Korea and Sri Lanka
Kenneth E. Corey 85
Chapter 9 The Gemeinschaft/Gesellschaft Approach: A Conceptual Framework for
Planning and Designing Arab Towns
Frank J. Costa and Allen G. Noble 93
Chapter 10 Development by Negotiation: Chinese Territory and the Development
of Hong Kong and Macau
Bruce Taylor 103
Chapter 11 Regional Sex-Ratio Variation of Indian Cities
Ashok K. Dutt, Charles B. Monroe and Bilkis Banu 117
Chapter 12 Slums of Urban India
Sudesh Nangia 131
Chapter 13 The Morphology of a Temple Town Center: Madurai, India, 1975
Allen G. Noble, Ashok K. Dutt, and Charles B. Monroe 143
Index 165