Urban and rural profiles in Saudi Arabia

Ed.: Khalid M. Al-Ankary; El-Sayed El-Bushra

1989. X, 205 pages, 88 figures, 55 tables, 21x28cm, 1000 g
Language: English

(Urbanization of the Earth, Volume 8)

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This book is a collection of articles by specialists on urban and rural development. The aim of the book is to bring into focus the tremendous developments taking place in Saudi Arabian urban and rural settlement system. The articles discuss a wide range of topics including urban growth and urbanization, interaction between core and periphery, regional development, urban transportation, municipal water, planned urban communities, housing problems, urban and rural land use, traditional rural settlements, integrated rural development and the development of rural institutions. All in all the book will be of interest to academics and planners and all those concerned with urban and rural development in Saudi Arabia.

Up to the 1950s the bulk of the Saudi population lived in small rural settlements and the only cities of importance were Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh and Jeddah. In fact, in the 1950s nomadic groups constituted 60% of the total population. At present, however, this simple traditional socio-economic setup has been completely transformed, and nomadic groups form less than 10% of the population. On the other hand, between 1963 — 1987 the urban population has grown from 15% to 75% leading thereby to considerable socio-economic and infrastructural changes.

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Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Al-Ankary, K. M. and El-Bushra, E-S.,
Urban Growth and Urbanization in Saudi Arabia. 3
Chapter 2: Al-Khalifah, A. H. M. and Frisbie, W. P.,
The Interdependence of the Core and Periphery of the Saudi Arabian
Communities - A Test for the Ecological Expansion Theory. 15
Chapter 3: Rai, J.,
A Strategy for Balanced Regional Development in Saudi Arabia 23
Chapter 4: Abdul Ghani, K. M. and El-Shabani, A.,
A Profile of Transportation in Cities of Saudi Arabia 31
Chapter 5: Al-Soliman, T. M.,
The Characteristics of Planned Communities and Their Impact on Urban
Development and Residents Perceptions. 45
Chapter 6: Mueller-Ibold, K.,
Planned Cities and Communities. 77
Chapter 7: Al-Hathloul, S. and Anis-ur-Rahman,
New Towns Intown of Saudi Arabia - Their Typology, and Role in the
Transformation of Saudi Urbanscape. 91
Chapter 8: Fadaak, T.7
Urban Housing Policy in Saudi Arabia. 107
Chapter 9: Daghistani, A. I.,
Urban Land in Saudi Arabia: Problems and Policies. 113
Chapter 10: Shukri, I. M.,
Municipal Water Management in Saudi Arabia 121
Chapter 11: Al-Hussayen, M.,
Urban Pattern of Riyadh City 127
Chapter 12: Al-Nowaiser, M.,
Rural Traditional Settlements, Social Domains and Spatial Systems in
Saudi Arabia 143
Chapter 13: Mughal, M. A.,
Land Use in Rural Settlements of Saudi Arabia - Transition and Prospects. 155
Chapter 14: Ahmed, A. F.,
From Sectoral to Integrated Rural Development in Saudi Arabia 165
Chapter 15: Sallam, A. S.,
The Development of Rural Institutions in Saudi Arabia 171
Chapter 16: Ady, J. and Waller, E.,
A Contribution to the Debate on Internal Tourism in Saudi Arabia. 189
Conclusion 201
Contributors 202
Index 204