Edward P. Klucking:


1987. 216 pages, 149 plates, 1580 g
Language: English

(Leaf Venation Patterns, Volume 2)

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This is the second volume in a developing series on leaf venation patterns of plants. The first volume dealt with the Annonaceae and this one deals with the Lauraceae. Both of these families are large, composed almost entirely of woody plants, are largely tropical in distribution and have leaves with entire margins. For each volume, the leaves of 20 to 25% of the species making up the families were cleared and photographed. These leaves were used to characterize the leaf venation patterns of the genera of the family. The purpose of characterizing the venation patterns of plant genera is to establish a catalog of venation patterns which can be used to help identify fossil leaf impressions and herbarium specimens and might also help to determine relationships between various plant taxa.

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Preface 6
Introduction 9
Procedures 11
Features of Venation 14
Descriptive Format 17
The Lauraceae 20
Genera of the Lauraceae 22
Some Genera of other Laurales Families 23
Systematic descriptions of the Lauraceae 24
Dichotomous key to groups of Lauraceae Species 155
Synopsis of species Groups 166
Systematic descriptions of some other Laurales Genera 181
Discussion of Lauraceae Venation Patterns 203
Discussion of other Laurales Genera Venation Patterns 212
Literature cited 215
Index to Generic Descriptions 216