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Atlas and catalogue of the diatom types of Friedrich Hustedt

Volume I: catalogue

1987. X, 525 pages, 19x28cm, 1500 g
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On 15 December 1986 Dr. Friedrich Hustedt would have been 100 years old. The present work is intended as a tribute of his student to commemorate this centennial.

Hustedt left behind a large scientific legacy. During his long life he published and described the incredible number of 1942 new diatom taxa: 5 genera, 1448 species, 350 varieties, and 139 formae. The species number comprises more than 12% of that recognized as valid in the catalogue of VanLandingham and thus of the diatoms known by 1968, the year of Hustedt's decease. Aside from all his other merits and accomplishments, it is beyond any doubt that Hustedt was a passionate describer of new diatoms. A person in daily contact with his scientific products and creations, whether they are his papers, books, or his slides, samples, or his marvellous hand drawings, must realize that Friedrich Hustedt was the third and last great pioneer of diatom research from the old school, behind C.G. Ehrenberg (1795—1876) and F.T. Kützing (1807—1893), and certainly the leading diatomist of the current century. It is very fortunate that his scientific belongings, among them the largest diatom slide collection a private person ever owned, have become public property so that today they are accessible to scientists.

The arrangement of the catalogue and atlas is fairly simple. One of the bases is the "Detailed bibliography of Hustedt's publications", the following chapter of the introductory part. This is the most comprehensive bibliography of Hustedt's works so far published. It was necessary to list every paper published by Hustedt in chronological order, including contributions in papers of other scientists.

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Foreword ix
The Hustedt Collection 1
Methods 4
Arrangement of this work 5
Detailed bibliography of Hustedt's publications 7
Catalogue of Hustedt's diatom types 17
Index 507
Addenda 523
Corrigenda 524