Aspects of floral development

Proceedings of the double symposium "Floral development: evolutionary aspects and special topics", held at the 14. International Botanical Congress Berlin, Germany, July 24-August 1, 1987

Ed.: Peter Leins; Shirley C. Tucker; Peter K. Endress; ; Claudia Erbar

1988. V, 239 pages, 399 figures, 11 tables, 14x22cm, 470 g
Language: English

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The study of how a flower develops can be considered floral morphology in its fullest sense. Floral morphology should include, not only the mature floral structure, but also the succession of morphological changes which can be seen during ontogeny. Developmental studies have been revolutionized in the last 15 years by the availability of SEM (scanning electron microscopy).

Comparative floral development is now being used as an approach to understanding the relationship between structure, systematics, and phylogeny. It also serves as a bridge between functional morphology and physiology of the flower.

This volume contains contributions dealing with the morphological, systematic, and phylogenetic aspects of floral development. The chapters are presentations which were included in a double symposium, "Floral development: Evolutionary aspects and special topics", held on 29 July 1987 in Berlin as part of the XIV International Botanical Congress.

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List of Contributors IV
Preface VII
Sattler, R.: A dynamic multidimensional approach to floral morphology 1
Erbar, C.: Early developmental patterns in flowers and their value for systematics 7
Uhl, N.W.: Floral organogenesis in palms 25
Kirchoff, B. K.: Floral ontogeny and evolution in the ginger group of the Zingiberales 45
Leins, P. & Schwitalla, S.: Placentation in Cactaceae 57
Tucker, S. C.: Loss versus suppression of floral organs 69
Juncosa, A. M.: Floral development and character evolution in Rhizophoraceae 83

Hufford, L. D.: The evolution of floral morphological diversity in Eucnide (Loasaceae): The implications of modes and timing of ontogenetic changes on phylogenetic diversification 103
Gerrath, J. M. & Posluszny, U.: Comparative floral development in some members of the Vitaceae 121
Medan, D.: Gynoecium ontogenesis in the Rhamnaceae — A comparative study 133
Heel, W. A. van: On the ascidiform development of carpels 143
Kampny, C. M. & Canne-Hilliker, J. M.: Aspects of floral development in Scrophulariaceae — Striking early differences in three tribes 147
Krüger, H. & Robbertse, P. J.: Floral ontogeny of Securidaca longepedunculata Fresen.(Polygalaceae), including inflorescense morphology 159
Diggle, P. K.: Sex expression in Solanum hirtum: A summary 169
Ramirez-Domenéch, J. & Tucker, S. C.: Patterns of organ development in mimosoid legume flowers 171
Nishino, E.: Early floral organogenesis in Tripetaleia (Ericaceae) 181
Brown, G. K. & Gilmartin, A. J.: Comparative ontogeny of bromeliaceous stigmas 191
Stevenson, D. WM.: Strobilar ontogeny in the Cycadales 205
Jenny, M.: Different gynoecium types in Sterculiaceae: Ontogeny and functional aspects 225
Genera Index 237