Hristo Nikolov:

Dictionary of Plant Names in Latin, German, English and French

1996. 926 pages, 14x22cm, 1200 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-443-50019-1, paperback, price: 96.00 €

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The present dictionary lists more than 14500 generic names and the same number of species plus 1600 synonyms recognized in approximately 600 families of plants bacteria included. Nearly all genera of economic, horticultural, medicinal or industrial importance are included. Plant genera of tropical regions are particularly well represented. The dictionary also covers many lower plant genera.

The first part of this dictionary is an alphabetical list of scientific generic and family names, while the second part is an alphabetical list of vernacular names with their Latin equivalents. Each generic name is accompanied by its family name, a representative species, and, if known, its German, English and French vernacular names as found in various publications or regional treatments.

This dictionary is intended for students, professors, scientists, physicians, hobbyists and others interested in botany.