Franklyn Dewayne Ott:

Handbook of the taxonomic names associated with the non-marine Rhodophycophyta

2009. XXIV, 969 pages, 2 photos, 16x24cm, 1590 g
Language: English

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Synopsis top ↑

This voluminous publication aims to satisfy a great need of those phycologists who do research on the fresh-water Rhodophycophyta for a compendium which provides quick and easy access to the scientific names associated with this group of little known plants.

While relatively small numerically, the Rhodophycophyta may be, in themselves, of little significance, it may be of interest to the reader to note that there are approximately 4000 known species of the Rhodophycophyta and that these are distributed into some 600 genera. The vast majority, by far, are inhabitants of the marine environment. Of this number, however, about 62 genera with an estimated 600 species are found in non-marine habitats. It is on this small group of genera that this contribution is focused.
The author intends to accomplish at least five desirable goals. The first of these is a simple alphabetical listing, the ‘quick list’, of the taxonomic of Rhodophycophyta to accommodate the taxa that will give to the user a bird’s-eye view of what may be available herein. The second goal is an alphabetical listing to the complete nomenclatural and taxonomic citations of the included taxa which includes taxonomic name, author, date of publication, journal or book reference.
A third goal is to provide a comprehensive bibliography for each of the numerous papers cited in the nomenclatural and taxonomic index.
The fourth major objective was to provide to the user an alphabetical index to taxonomic names, enabling the reader to trace the fate of a given epithet, mostly species, varietas and formae through their tortuous journey, for some, which they may have undergone since their initial publication.
The fifth and last objective is to review the 62 currently recognized genera of this freshwater group (pp 351-914) to help place these into their respective, contemporary status.

Review: Phycological Newsletter 46/1, 2010 top ↑

This compendium of names of taxa, at all levels, of non-marine red algae represents the culmination of many years of library work and tracking down old and recent literature by Franklyn Ott. Careful detail is provided for all the entries. Of the 62 genera of “nonmarine Rhodophyophyta” that are listed at the start of the volume, Ott concludes with an accepted list of 55 genera of non-marine red algae that he deems “worthy of continued recognition”. Askenasya, Asterocystis, Cyanoderma, Petrovanella, Pluto, Vanhoeffenia, and Zachariasia are dismissed for various reasons. Several of these names have already been discounted by previous workers. Ott validates the names of some higher–level taxa, such as the orders Chrootheceales and Cyanidioschyzonales and the families Chrootheceaceae and Cyanidiodioschyzonaceae. He also proposes numerous transfers of species into Pseudochantrasia, and a limited number of transfers into Audouinella and Chroothece. The contents of the book (some 600 or so species) are variously organized, including an alphabetical listing of names as well as a complete nomenclatural and taxonomic treatments, with attention extending to infraspecific taxa. A comprehensive bibliography is provided.

Michael J. Wynne, University of Michigan Herbarium

Phycological Newsletter 46/1, 2010

Table of Contents top ↑

Foreword XI
Preface XIII
Genera of non-marine Rhodophycophyta XVII
Classification XIX
Color Ranges XXIII
Introduction 1
Quick list to the included taxa 7
Citations of the non-marine Rhodophycophyta 87
Alphabetical index to names 423
Description of the included genera with selected comments 475
Summary of taxonomic changes for this section: Genera and observations 785
Bibliography 787
Short vita 971