Contributions in Phycology

Volume in honour of Professor T.V. Desikachary

Ed.: A.K. Prasad; J.A. Nienow; V.N. Rao

1996. XV, 552 pages, 612 figures, 47 tables, 17x24cm, 1350 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 112)

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This festschrift is an outgrowth of an international symposium, “Recent trends in Phycology,” which was held in honour of Professor T.V. Desikachary at Madras University’s Center for Advanced Study in Botany on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday in July 1994. The papers in this special volume of Nova Hedwigia (Beihefte) cover diverse algal groups representing the broad interests of the authors and the several active areas of phycological research in which Professor Desikachary has been interested and are presented in tribute to the master, colleague and friend.

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Silva, PC: Stability versus rigidity in botanical nomenclature 1
Species Concepts
Lewin, R. A. & W.A. Newman: Species concepts: a conciliatory note 9
Schopf, J.W.: Cyanobacteria: Pioneers of the early Earth 13
Castenholz, R.W.: Endemism and biodiversity of thermophilic
cyanobacteria 33
Komárek, J., G. Montejano, M. Gold-Morgan & R. Tavera: Taxonomic
identity and distribution of tropical cyanoprokaryotes (Cyanophyta,
An example from central Mexico 49
Reeves, R.H.: 16S ribosomal RNA and the molecular phylogeny of the
Cyanobacteria 55
Hindák, F.: Cyanophytes colonizing mucilage of chroococcal water
blooms 69
Al-Thukair, A.A. & S. Golubic: Characterization of Hyella caespitosa
var arbuscula var nov (Cyanophyta, Cyanobacteria) from shoaling ooid
sand grains, Arabian Gulf 83
Gektidis, M. & S. Golubic: A new endolithic cyanophyte/cyanobacterium:
Hyella vacans sp nov from Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas 93
Meyer, R: The rediscovery of Phormidium treleasei Gomont 101
Rosowski, J.R., I. Bielik & K.W. Lee: Origin of the trichomes and
mucilaginous sheath of a Microcoleus sp (Cyanophyta) 105
Brodie, J. & J.N. Norris: Life histories and morphology of some
Liagora species (Liagoraceae, Rhodophyta) from the Florida Keys, USA
Vijayaraghavan, M.R. & B. Bhatia: Developmental and histochemical
studies on the spermatangium and carposporophyte of Scinaia forcellata
(Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) from Port Okha, India 135
Hommersand, M.H. & S Fredericq: Vegetative and reproductive
development of Pterocladia capillacea (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta) from La
Jolla, California 147
Menez, E.G., H.P. Calumpong, D.J. Newman & J.A. West: An account of
the red alga, Portieria hornemannii (Gigartinales, Rhizophyllidaceae)
from the Philippines 161
Wynne, M.J.: A revised key to genera of the red algal family
Delesseriaceae 171
Krishnamurthy, V.: A phylogenetic consideration of the reproduction
strategies in the Rhodophyta 191
Round, F.E.: Fine detail of siliceous components of diatom cells 201
Gordon, R: Computer controlled evolution of diatoms: Design for a compustat 215
Medlin, L.K., W.H.C.F. Kooistra, R. Gersonde & U. Wellbrock: Evolution
of the diatoms (Bacillariophyta): III Molecular evidence for the
origin of the Thalassiosirales 221
Rao, V.N.R.: Size dependent variable reproductive behaviour in
Cyclotella meneghiniana (Bacillariophyta) 235
Gowthaman, S.: A taxonomic re-evaluation of Coscinodiscus blandus
(Bacillariophyceae) 239
Prasad, A.K.S.K. & R.J. Livingston: A micromorphological and
systematic study of Coscinodiscus jonesianus (Bacillariophyceae) from
Florida waters 247
Sridhar, D.: Studies on the genus Chaetoceros (Bacillariophyta) from
the Indian Ocean I 265
Yanagisawa, Y.: Taxonomy of the genera Rossiella, Bogorovia and
Koizumia (Cymatosiraceae, Bacillariophyceae) 273
Williams, D.M.: Notes on the genus Fragilariforma (Fragilariophyceae:
Bacillariophyta) with a description of a new Miocene fossil species,
Fragilariforma platensis 283
Gordon, R., N.K. Björklund, G.G.C. Robinson & H.J. Kling: Sheared
drops and pennate diatoms 289
Sims, P.A. & R. Ross: Drewsandria, a new genus of araphid diatoms 301
Mann, D.G.: The systematics of Stauroneis (Bacillariophyta): Sexual
reproduction and auxospore development in S anceps var siberica 307
Lange-Bertalot, H. & D. Metzeltin: Ultrastructure of Surirella
desikacharyi sp nov and Campylodiscus indianorum sp nov
(Bacillariophyta) in comparison with some other taxa of the
“robustoid” type of construction 321
Hallegraeff, G.M. & M.A. Burford: Some new or little known
nanoplankton diatoms cultured from tropical and subtropical Australian
shelf waters 329
Reimer, C.W.: Diatoms from some surface waters on Great Abaco Island
in the Bahamas (Little Bahama Bank) 343
Kristiansen, J.: Silica structures in the taxonomy and identification
of scaled chrysophytes 355
Wujek, D.E. & L.C. Saha: Scale-bearing chrysophytes (Chrysophyceae and
Synurophyceae) from India II 367
Prema, P.: Taxonomy and phylogeny of silicoflagellates 379
Santos, L.M.A.: The Eustigmatophyceae: Actual knowledge and research
perspectives 391
Tseng, C.K.: Mariculture of Laminaria japonica (Phaeophyceae) and its
prospects in China 407
Steidinger, K.A., J.H. Landsberg, E.W. Truby & B.A. Blakesley: The use
of scanning electron microscopy in identifying small “gymnodinioid”
dinoflagellates 415
Dodge, J.D.: Biogeography of the dinoflagellate Ceratium in the Indian Ocean 423
Srinivasan, V.: Dinophyceae new to the Bay of Bengal 437
Faust, M.A.: Dinoflagellates in a mangrove ecosystem, Twin Cays, Belize 447
Marin, B., K. Hoef-Emden & M. Melkonian: Light and electron microscope
observations on Tetraselmis desikacharyi sp nov (Chlorodendrales,
Chlorophyta) 461
Coleman, A.W.: The Indian connection, crucial to reconstruction of the
historical biogeography of freshwater algae: Examples among
Volvocaceae (Chlorophyta) 477
Nozaki, H., K. Aizawa & M.M. Watanabe: Re-examination of two NIES
strains labeled Chlorogonium metamorphum (Volvocales, Chlorophyta)
from Japan 483
Jeeji Bai, N.: Interesting developmental and morphological features of
Botryococcus (Chlorococcales, Chlorophyta) in culture 491
Compère, P.: Octacanthium (Hansgirg) Compère, a new generic name in
the Desmidiaceae 501
Wujek, D.E. & R.H. Thompson: The genus Chaetonemopsis (Chaetophorales,
Chlorophyta) 509
Chellappa, N.T., J.M.F. Amorim, T.A. Bezera, V. Cid & I.A. Costa:
Studies on the microalgae of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil: A comparison
of the phytoplankton assemblages of an oligotrophic and a eutrophic
lake 513
Dawes, C.: Macroalga diversity, standing stock and productivity in a
northern mangal on the west coast of Florida 525
Nienow, J.A.: Ecology of subaerial algae 537
List of Reviewers 553
Author Index 555