Chrysophytes - progress and new horizons, CHRYS 95

Proceedings of the 4. International Chrysophyte Symposium, 22--27 May 1995, Høsterkøb, Denmark

Ed.: Jorgen Kristiansen; Gertrud Cronberg

1996. IX, 266 pages, 94 figures, 26 tables, 12 plates, 1 map, 17x24cm, 650 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 114)

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The Fourth International Chrysophyte Symposium was held in Denmark, at Magleâs Conference Centre in the village of Hosterkob, 20 km North of Copenhagen, 22 - 27 May, 1995.

22 chrysophyte researchers took part, from 11 different countries. The programme included lectures, posters, excursions and microscope work. 20 contributions were given, three of them by invitation, by L.S. Péterfi (Rumania), J.L. Wee (U.S.A.) and R. Wetherbee (Australia).

The topics covered were mainly taxonomy, including molecular studies, ecology, including paleoecology, biogeography, and ultrastructure, of chrysophytes.

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Chrys 95 Preface V
List of participants in the Symposium VII
1 Introduction
Kristiansen, J, Chrysophyte research in Denmark - a historical sketch 1
2 Molecular studies
Wee, J.L.: Molecular investigations of heterokont comparative biology:
Recent and emerging trends 7
Wee, J.L., J.M. Hinchey, K.X. Nguyen, P.J. Kores & D.L. Hurley:
Assessment of the phylogenetic utility of psbA ITS/58S nucleotide
sequences for the Synurophyceae 29
3 Cell biology
Miller, E., J.L. Lind & R. Wetherbee: The scale-associated molecules of
Mallomonas spp (Synurophyceae) are immunologically distinct 45
4 Taxonomy
Péterfi, L.S. & L. Momeu: A revised approach to the numerical taxonomy
of Mallomonas (Synurophyceae) 57
HANSEN, P.: Spiniferomonas cetrata sp nov (Chrysophyceae), from an
event of stomatocyst formation in the tropics 71
Skogstad, A. & J. Kristiansen: Mallomonas lychenensis f symposiaca f
nov (Mallomonadaceae, Synurophyceae) 81
5 Biogeography
Cronberg, G.: Scaled chrysophytes from the Okavango Delta, Botswana,
Africa 91
Kristiansen, J. & M.S. Vigna: The chrysophyte flora of Tierra del
Fuego (Argentina) 109
6 Ecophysiology
Saxby-Rouen, K.J., B.S.C. Leadbeater & C.S. Reynolds:
Ecophysiological studies on Synura petersenii (Synurophyceae) 111
Gutowski, A.: Temperature dependent variability of scales and bristles
of Mallomonas tonsurata Teiling emend Krieger (Synurophyceae) 125
7 Ecological studies
Ikävalko, J. & H.A. Thomsen: Scale-covered and loricate flagellates
(Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae) from Baltic Sea ice 147
Nielsen, Y.: Can number of scaled chrysophyte species be related to
the levels of pH, nitrogen and phosphorous in lakes and ponds? 161
Santos, L.M.A., S.C. Craveiro & A. Calado: Silica-scaled chrysophytes
from three a-mesosaprobic water bodies of central Portugal 171
Watson, S., E. McCauley, E. Hardisty, E. Hargesheimer & J. Dixon:
Chrysophyte blooms in oligotrophic Glenmore Reservoir (Calgary,
Canada) 193
8 Ecological indicators and paleoecology
Facher, E. & R. Schmidt: Application of chrysophyte sediment trap data
and a cyst-based pH transfer function to annually laminated sediments
(Lake Plešné, Bohemia, Czech Republic) 219
Siver, P. & L.J. Marsicano: Inferring lake trophic status using scaled
chrysophytes 233
Zeeb, B., K.E. Duff & J.P. Smol: Recent advances in the use of
chrysophyte stomatocysts in paleoecological studies 247
Duff, K.E.: Chrysophyte microfossils in Arctic Siberian lakes 253
Concluding remarks 265