Chrysophytes: Past and Present
CHRYS 2004

Proceedings of the Sixth International Crysophyte Symposium,
2-7 August 2004, Lammi, Finland

Ed.: Joergen Kristiansen; Gertrud Cronberg

2005. IX, 337 pages, 227 figures, 50 tables, 12 plates, 17x24cm, 810 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 128)

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The present volume contains the contributions from the 6th International Chrysophyte Symposium, held 2-7 August 2004 at Lammi Biological Station in Central Finland, and gives an overview of the state of art in important areas of chrysophyte research. Presentations were given within the topics Chrysophyte History, Taxonomy and Biogeography, Ecology, Ecophysiology, and Paleolimnology.

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Preface V
List of Participants VII
Chrysophyte History
Kristiansen, J.: Two centenaries in chrysophyte research:
Gunnar Nygaard and Berit Asmund 1
Taxonomy and Biogeography
Barreto, S.: The silica-scaled chrysophyte flora of Hungary 11
Cronberg, G. & R. Laugaste: New species of Uroglena and Ochromonas
(Chromulinales, Chrysophyceae) from Estonia 43
Kristiansen, J. & J. F. Lind: Endemicity in silica-scaled chrysophytes 65
Menezes, M., J. Kristiansen & C. E. M. Bicudo: Silica-scaled chrysophytes
from some tropical freshwater bodies, southeastern Brazil 85
Rezacova, M. & P. Skaloud: Silica-scaled chrysophytes of Ireland.
With an appendix: Geographic variation of scale shape of Mallomonas
caudata 101
Siver, P. A., L. N. Voloshko, O. V. Gavrilova & M. V. Getsen:
The scaled chrysophyte flora of the Bolshezemelskaya tundra (Russia) 125
Vigna, M. S., S. R. Duque & M. Nunez-Avellaneda: Tropical silica-scaled
chrysophyte flora (Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae) from Colombia 151
Boenigk, J.: Some remarks on strain specificity and general patterns
in the ecology of Spumella (Chrysophyceae) 167
Forsström, L., S. Sorvari & A. Korhola: The role of the environmental factors
in controlling chrysophyte species distribution and biomass structure in
Finnish Lapland subarctic lakes 179
Ikävalko, J. & E. Marttinen: Community structure and summer-time
succession of chrysophyts in a small, shallow lake in the Tammisaari
Archipelago Nature Reserve, SW Finland in 2003 189
Kangro, K. & K. Olli: The effect of nutrient limitation on Dinobryon
balticum (Chysophyceae): a mesocosm study 197
Lott, A. M. & P. A. Siver: An inventory of scaled chrysophytes from
North Carolina, USA, and their relationships to environmental variables 211
Watson, S.B. & E. McCauley: Ammonia and nitrate: growth or inhibition?
Large-scale patterns in chrysophytes and the potential role of inorganic
nitrogen 231
Gavrilova, O.V., N. V. Nogina & L. N. Voloshko: Scale structures and
growth characteristics of Synura petersenii (Synurophyceae) under
different pH conditions 249
Wee, J. L., A. M. James & C. S. Hood: Exploratory investigations of
palmella-stage formation in the Synurophyceae 257
Coradeghini, A. & M. S.Vigna: Chrysophycean paleocyst flora as indicator
of climate changes from a postglacial deposit of a Patagonian peat (Neuquen,
Argentina) 267
Kamenik, C. & R. Schmidt: Computer-aided SEM analysis of chrysophyte
stomatocysts 269
Kamenik. C., A. Agusti-Panareda, P. G. Appleby, J. A. Dearing,
E. M. Shilland, F. Sporka, E. Stefkova & R. Thompson: Paleolimnological
evidence for atmospheric pollution, climate and catchment-related changes in
alpine chrysophyte stomatocyst assemblages (Tatra, Slovakia) 275
Siver, P. A. & P. A.Wolfe: Scaled chrysophytes in Middle Eocene lake
sediments from Northwestern Canada, including descriptions of six new
species 295
Vilaclara, G., B. A. Zeeb & E. Cuna: Chrysophyte cyst morphotypes from
two tropical, high-mountain lakes in Nevado de Toluca Volcano, Central Mexico . . 309
Conclusions and perspectives 337