Festschrift to Wolfgang Frey - a scientist's life between deserts and rain forests

Ed.: Harald Kürschner; Tanja Pfeiffer; Michael Stech

2007. 277 pages, 126 figures, 31 tables, 17x24cm, 680 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 131)

ISBN 978-3-443-51053-4, paperback, price: 128.00 €

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Wolfgang Frey Orthotrichum freyanum Fossombronia Pulchrinodaceae Pottiopsis Campylopus


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This volume is dedicated to Professor Wolfgang Frey to commemorate his formal retirement from The Freie Universität Berlin. It reflects his wide range of research interest, spanning from bryophytes (systematics, morphology, phytosociology, phytogeography, ecology, dispersal and distribution) to vascular plant geobotany. The volume includes contributions from the following fields: morphology-based and molecular-based taxonomy, phytosociology, life-strategy and dispersal of bryophytes, clonal reproduction and population structurs of phanerophytes, ecology, physiology and vegetation. Most of the papers have been written by colleagues, former scholars and friends to honor his scientific and academic career.

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Kürschner, H.: A tribute to Wolfgang Frey V
Goffinet, B., W. R. Buck & M. A. Wall: Orthotrichum freyanum
(Orthotrichaceae), a new epiphytic moss from Chile 1
Hässel de Menéndez, G. & C. Villagrán: New species of Fossombronia
(Hepatophyta, Fossombroniopsida) from Chile 13
Quandt, D., N. Bell & M. Stech: Unravelling the knot: the
Pulchrinodaceae, fam. nov. (Bryales) 21
Crandall-Stotler, B. J. & R. E. Stotler: On the identity of Moerckia
(Hook.) Gottsche (Moerckiaceae fam. nov., Marchantiophyta)
Ochyra, R.: Pleurogonium Wilson, a forgotten generic name for a
bryalean moss 61
Ros, R. M. & O. Werner: The circumscription of the genus Pottiopsis
(Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) based on morphology and molecular sequence
data 65
Fischer, E.: The genera Anthoceros, Phaeoceros and Notothylas
(Anthocerotopsida) in Rwanda 81
Stech, M., M. Sim-Sim & J.-P. Frahm: Campylopus (Leucobryaceae,
Bryopsida) on Madeira Island - Molecular relationships and
biogeographic affi nities 91
Pócs, T.: Bryophyte communities at the edge of Tunisian Sahara with
the description of Gymnostomum viridulum Brid. subsp. saharae, subsp.
nov. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) 101
Kürschner, H. & G. Parolly: Life forms and life strategies in tropical
trunk-epiphytic bryophytes - a case study from Ecuador 121
During, H. J.: Relations between clonal growth, reproduction and
breeding system in the bryophytes of Belgium and The Netherlands 133
Heinken, T., M.-S. Rohner & M. Hoppert: Red wood ants (Formica rufa
group) disperse bryophyte and lichen fragments on a local scale 147
Lieske, K. & T. Pfeiffer: May lily’s multiplication: morpho-ecological
and molecular analyses in a patch of Maianthemum bifolium
(Convallariaceae) 165
Hensen, I. & K. Wesche: Genetic structure of the rare Poa badensis
(Poaceae) in central Germany 177
Deil, U.: Habitat shift as a successful strategy - an analysis based
upon Phonus riphaeus (Compositae) and closely related taxa 187
Bergmeier, E. & S. Abrahamczyk: Ecology and distribution of the Aegean
wetland endemics Carex cretica and Lathyrus neurolobus 207
Lösch, R., U. Biron, T. Patrias & B. Höptner: Gas exchange and water
relations of Asplenium ferns growing on limestone rocks 221
Porembski, S.: Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on the vegetation
of granitic and gneissic rock outcrops (‘inselbergs’) in West Africa
König, P.: Soil and vegetation studies in coastal halophytic
communities of Oman 247
Akhani, H. & M. Ghasemkhani: Diversity of photosynthetic organs in
Chenopodiaceae from Golestan National Park (NE Iran) based on carbon
isotype composition and anatomy of leaves and cotyledons 265