Chrysophytes and related organisms: new insights into diversity and evolution

Proceedings of the Eight International Chrysophyte Symposium, Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic, August 12-17, 2012

Ed.: Jirí Neustupa; Jørgen Kristiansen; Yvonne Nemcová

2013. IX, 190 pages, 354 figures, 20 tables, 17x24cm, 510 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 142)

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The present volume includes 13 scientific papers based on the studies presented at the 8th International Chrysophyte Symposium 2012 in Prague. Chrysophyte research has traditionally concentrated on the silica-scale bearing groups, such as Synurales or Paraphysomonadaceae. Consequently, most of the papers here deal with aspects of the biology of silica-scaled chrysophytes. The contributions include papers on palaeobiology, such as the study dealing with Cenozoic Synura taxa from Northern Canada, and taxonomy, such as the studies describing new Mallomonas taxa or reviewing taxonomic status of the family Paraphysomonadaceae. Several studies employed the techniques of geometric morphometrics that have now become the method of choice for the quantitative analysis of the scale variation. The volume also includes several studies on the distribution of silica-scaled chrysophytes in previously unstudied regions of Asia and Europe. One study presenting rich stomatocysts assemblages of the Stone Ponds in North-Eastern China is also presented. Finally, the volume also contains a paper presenting the barcoding potential of various DNA regions of the freshwater diatom genus Frustulia based on molecular screening.

The volume is dedicated to the memory of Hans Ruedi Preisig, a prominent chrysophyte researcher, who deceased in November, 2011 and presents an overview of his work.

This volume gives insights into palaeoecology, ecology, biogeography, physiology and molecular biology of chrysophytes and related algae. It not only presents the results but also provides powerful examination tools.

Table of Contents top ↑

Preface V
List of Participants VII
Kristiansen, J.: In memoriam Hans Ruedi Preisig (1949–2011) (With 1
figure) 1
Takahashi, K., Sarai, C., Jordan, R. W. & Iwataki, M.: Synurophytes in
the lakes and ponds of Kenmin-no-mori, Yamagata, Japan (With 49
figures and 2 tables) 5
Gusev, E. S.: Silica-scaled chrysophytes from karst lakes in Central
Russia (With 27 figures and 2 tables) 17
Němcová, Y., Kreidlová, J., Pusztai, M. & Neustupa, J.: Mallomonas
pumilio group (Chrysophyceae/Stramenopiles) – a revision based on the
scale/scale-case morphology and analysis of scale shape (With 12
figures and 1 table) 27
Pang, W. & Wang, Q.: Chrysophycean stomatocysts from the Stone Ponds
in the Aershan National Geological Park, China (With 27 figures and 2
tables) 51
Pichrtová, M., Němcová, Y., Škaloud, P. & Rott, E.: Silica-scaled
chrysophytes from North Tyrol (Austria) including a description of
Mallomonas tirolensis sp. nov. (With 5 figures and 3 tables) 69
Gusev, E. S.: Studies on synurophycean algae from mangrove wetlands
(Vietnam) (With 32 figures and 2 tables) 87
Safronova, T. V. & Voloshko, L. N.: Silica-scaled chrysophytes in the
waterbodies of protected areas of the North-West of Russia (With 55
figures and 2 tables) 97
Scoble, J. M. & Cavalier-Smith, T.: Molecular and morphological
diversity of Paraphysomonas (Chrysophyceae, order Paraphysomonadida);
a short review (With 2 figures) 117
Siver, P. A.: Variability in scale shape between ancient and modern
specimens of Mallomonas insignis (With 5 figures and 3 tables) 127
Škaloud, P., Škaloudová, M., Pichrtová, M., Němcová, Y., Kreidlová,
J. & Pusztai, M.: – a database on distribution and
ecology of silica-scaled chrysophytes in Europe (With 16 figures) 141
Urbánková, P. & Veselá, J.: DNA-barcoding: A case study in the diatom
genus Frustulia (Bacillariophyceae) (With 2 figures and 3 tables) 147
Wei, Y. X. & Yuan, X. P.: Studies on silica-scaled chrysophytes from
Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Jiangxi Provinces, China (With 118 figures and 2
tables) 163
Siver, P. A., Lott, A. M. & Wolfe, A. P.: A summary of Synura taxa in
early Cenozoic deposits from Northern Canada (With 3 figures and 1
table) 181