Bryophyte Ultrastructure

Ed.: Norton G. Miller; Z. B. Carothers

1989. VII, 281 pages, 42 figures, 14x22cm, 640 g
Language: English

(Advances in Bryology, Band 3)

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The six papers comprising volume 3 of Advances in Bryology treat various aspects of bryophyte ultrastructure. Together with the paper, “Desiccation and Ultrastructure in Bryophytes,” by M. J. Oliver and J. D. Bewley in volume 2 of the Advances (1984), they provide a comprehensive summary of current investigations into the ultrastructure of mosses, liverworts, and homworts. Developmental, functional, and descriptive aspects of the featured structures and organelles receive emphasis in these papers, which contain a wealth of comparative data that is useful in assessments of the phylogenetic relationships of bryophytes.

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Editor's Preface vii
The Bryophyte Cytoskeleton, by John H. Doonan and Jeffrey G. Duckett 1
Ultrastructure and Development of Plastids in the Bryophytes, by
Jeffrey G. Duckett & Karen S. Renzaglia 33
Comparative Morphology of the Bryophyte Blepharoplast, by Zane B.
Carothers & Ann E. Rushing 95
Peristome Structure and We Regulation of Spore Release in Arthrodontous
Mosses, by Dale M. J. Mueller & Alan J. Neumann 135
Sporogenesis in Bryophytes, by Roy C. Brown & Betty E. Lemmon 159
The Sporophyte-Gametophyte Junction in Bryophytes, by Roberto
Ligrone & Raffaele Gambardella 225
Index 275