Kurt Krammer:

Die cymbelloiden Diatomeen, Teil 2. Eine Monographie der weltweit bekannten Taxa

Encyonema part., Encyonopsis and Cymbellopsis

[Cymbelloid diatoms. A monograph on the known taxa worldwide. Part 2: Encyonema part., Encyonopsis and Cymbellopsis]

1997. 469 Seiten, 1644 Fig. auf 108 Taf., 14x22cm, 950 g
Language: Deutsch

(Bibliotheca Diatomologica, Band 37)

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Rev.: Acta Botanica Hungarica 41 (1-4), p. 339, 1998 top ↑

This book is the second serial of the previously four serial books of Cymbella genus revised and completed by Kurt Krammer. It contains the description of the second part of Encyonema genus and the genera Pseudoencyonema, Encyonopsis and Cymbellopsis. There are some detailed summarising tables of morphological data of Encyonema and Encyonopsis species. Krammer with his samples collected from different parts of the world and with the newly described species helps the knowing of biodivesity of the diatoms in the world.

The book contains 108 tables altogether, 1644 good quality photos made by light- or scanning electron microscopy. Krammer also described 50 new Encyonema, 49 new Encyonopsis and 5 new Cymbellopsis in this book.

The precisely written book is very useful for the diatomologists dealing with taxonomy or ecology of diatoms, but we think that the diatom taxonomy based on morphology has to complete with molecular methods (e. g. rDNA sequence analysis), which will reform the diatom taxonomy and can certify the validation of some newly described taxa questionable.

É.Ács and K. Szabó

Acta Botanica Hungarica 41 (1-4), p. 339, 1998

Inhaltsverzeichnis top ↑

1 Beschreibungen der Taxa 3
1.1 Encyonema Kützing 1833 3
1.1.1 Zusätzliche Bemerkungen 3
1.1.2 Beschreibungen 5
1.2 Pseudencyonema Krammer 1997 84
1.3 Encyonopsis Krammer 1997 85
1.4 Cymbellopsis Krammer 1997 175
2 Lateinische Beschreibungen 182
3 Bestimmungsanleitungen und Bestimmungstabellen 210
4 Anhang: Drei neue Amphora-Arten 223
5 Literatur 228

Corrigenda für Teil 1 227
Bemerkungen zu den Tafelbeschriftungen 247
Tafeln und Tafelbeschriftungen 248
Index 464