Stéphane Campeau; Reinhard Pienitz; Arnaud Héquette:

Diatoms from the Beaufort Sea Coast, southern Arctic Ocean (Canada)

Modern analogues for reconstructing Late Quaternary environments and relative sea levels

1999. 244 pages, 70 figures, 40 plates, 1 CD-Rom, 14x22cm, 650 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Diatomologica, Band 42)

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Interest in the interpretation of paleoenvironments has increased sharply in recent years with the growing importance of studies of the climate of the past. Whereever possible, researchers are attempting to interpret paleoenvironments by comparing ancient microfossil assemblages with modern populations.

The Beaufort Sea coast (Canada: Yukon, NWT coast) is an area of particular interest to studies of coastal paleoenvironments as the area is especially sensitive to short and long term environmental changes.

The authors have sampled and studied surface sediments and their diatom assemblages in an effort to establish the characteristics of modern environments as references/analogues to paleoenvironments for future stratigraphic studies. The sampled environments are believed to represent the full range of sedimentary facies that may have been preserved in the Holocene stratigraphic record of the Beaufort shelf. The sampled enviroments include the coastal freswater area, backbarrier region, the shoreface, inner shelf and the MacKenzie Delta front area. Diatom assemblages with 225 taxa representing 60 genera are presented and the paleolecological implications of their distribution are discussed. A taxonomic overview and a short description of the distribution for each taxon are also included.

A CD-ROM (Win95/NT, MACOS 7.1) is included to interactively present the complex environmental data and the distributional patterns of individual diatom taxa.

Contents top ↑

Chapter One: Introduction 1
Chapter Two: The southeastern Beaufort Sea coasts 4

Overview 4
2.1 The Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands 4
2.2 Holocene history 7
2.3 Coastal oceanography 8

Chapter Three: Diatom assemblages 17

Overview 17
3.1 Methods 17
3.2 General distribution 21
3.3 Thermokarst environments 27
3.4 Backbarrier environments 36
3.5 Shoreface and inner shelf 45
3.6 Delta front 53
3.7 Biogeographical considerations 56
3.8 Paleoenvironmental implications 57
Chapter Four: Diatom taxa 65
Overview 65
4.1 Centrales 68
4.2 Pennales 76
References 138
Plates 153
Appendix I: Raw environmental data for the 74 sampling sites
of the southeastern Beaufort Sea coasts 235

Species index 238