Contributions to Lichenology / Beiträge zur Lichenologie

In honour of A. Henssen / Festschrift A. Henssen

Ed.: H.M. Jahns; Volkmar Wirth; Josef Poelt

1990. 427 pages, 14x22cm, 760 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 38)

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Ahmadjian, V.: What have synthetic lichens told us about real lichens? 3
Arvidsson, L.: Additions to the lichen flora of the Azores 13
Brodo, I.M.: Rhizacarpon hensseniae, a cephalodiate lichen from the
Northwest coast of North America 29
Brown, D.H. & Brown, R.M.: Factors influencing desiccation-induced
membrane damage in Peltigera horizontalis 37
Büdel, B.: Anatomical adaptations to the semiarid/arid environment in
the lichen genus Peltula 47
Feige, G.B., Niemann, L. & Jahoke, S.: Lichens and mosses - silent
chronists of the Chernobyl accident 63
Follmann, G. & Mies, B.: Contributions to the lichen flora and lichen
vegetation of the Cape Verde Islands
VII. Some lichen records new to Greater Macaronesia 79
Galloway, D.J. & Pickering, J.: Sticta ainose, a new species from cool
temperate South America 91
Hafellner, J. & Rogers, R.W.: Haronina - a new genus of lichenised
Ascomycetes (Lecanorales, Lecanoraceae) with multispored asci 99
Hale, M.E.: New Species of Parmotrema (Ascomycotina: Parmeliaceae)
from Tropical America 109
Hawksworth, D.L. & Santesson, R.: A revision of the lichenicolous
fungi previously referred to Phragmonaevia 121
Hertel, H. & Rambold, G.: Zur Kenntnis der Familie Rimulariaceae
(Lecanorales) 145
Honegger, R.: Mycobiont-photobiont interactions in adult thalli and in
axenically resynthesized pre-thallus stages of Xanthoria parietina
(Teloschistales, lichenized Ascomycetes) 191
Huovinen, K., Ahti, T. & Stenroos, S.: The composition and contents of
aromatic lichen substances in Cladonia section Cladonia and group
Furcatee 209
Jahns, H.M. & Ott, S.: Regulation of regenerative processes in lichens 243
Jorgensen, P.M. & James, P.W.: Studies in the lichen family
Pannariaceae IV: The genus Degeiia 253
Kappen, L.: Usnea sphacelata, its role in the vegetation and its
possible growth capacity on Bailey Peninsula, Wilkes Land 277
Kärnefelt, I.: Evidence of a slow evolutionary change in the
speciation of lichens 291
Krog, H.: Parmotrema hensseniae sp. nov 307 Lange, O.L., Kilian, E. &
Ziegler, H.: Photosynthese von Blattflechten mit Hydroskopischen
Thallusbewegungen bei Befeuchtung durch Wasserdampf oder mit flüssigem
Wasser 311
Lumbsch, H.T. & Hawksworth, D.L.: The species of Lethariicola
Grump. (Odontotremataceae) 325
Maythofer, H., Scheidegger, Ch. & Sheard, Ja.: Rinodina lecanorina and
R. Saridata, two closely related species on calciferous rocks 335
Nash III, T.H., Boucher, V.L., Gebauer, R., & Larson, D.W.:
Morphological and physiological plasticity in Ramalina menziesdi:
Studies with reciprocal transplants between a coastal and inland site 357
Oberhallenzer, H. & Wirth, V.: Contributions to a revision of the
lichen genus Fuscidea. - III: Fuscidea recense (Stirton) Hertel,
V. Wirth & Vezda 367
Poelt, J. & Vezda, A.: Über kurzlebige Flechten - (On shortliving
lichens) 377
Schlarmann, G., Peveling, E. & Tenberge, K.: The occurrence of Chitin
in the cell walls of ascomycetes mycobionts 395
Silberstein, L., Siegel, S.M., Keller, P., Siegel, B.Z. & Galun, M.:
A new method for the extraction of ATP from lichens 411
Timdal, E.: Gypsoplacaceae and Gypsoplaca, a new family and genus of
squamiform lichens 419