Richard E. Baird:

Study of the stipitate hydnums from the Southern Appalachian mountains

Genera Bankera, Hydnellum, Phellodon, Sarcodon

1986. 156 pages, 4 figures, 21 tables, 14x22cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Mycologica, Band 104)

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Synopsis top ↑

The genera Bankera, Hydnellum, Phellodon, and Sarcodon are common members of higher fungi from the southern Appalachian Mountains. Approximately thirty-one species from the four genera were identified from this geographical area.
Data obtained through macro- and microscopic examination of the sporophores, were compared with observations on associated tree species and the presence or absence of three terphenylquinones. The results from this study indicated that the data from the associated tree species and the chemical analysis were important in determination of the species, but they must be correlated with the macro- and microscopic characters of the basidiocarps.

Contents top ↑

Summary 4
Chapter I 5
Chapter II 8
Classical Taxonomic Study 8
Chemical Analysis 9
Associated Tree Species 10
Chapter III 11
Discussion of Taxonomic Characters 11
Macromorphology 11
Color 11
Basidiocarp Shape and Size 13
Basidiospore Color 15
Odor and Taste 15
Micromorphology 16
Basidiospores 16
Basidia 18
Hyphae 18
Cystidia 20
Associated Tree Species As A Taxonomic Character 20
Chapter IV 23
Southern Appalachian Mountain Taxa 23
Key to the species of Bankera 24
Key to the species of Hydnellum 27
Key to the species of Phellodon 64
Key to the species of Sarcodon 87
Acknowledgements 114
Literature Cited 115
Appendix A (Specimens Examined) 122
Appendix B 123
Figures of Cystidia 155
Associated Tree Species (Table 21) 156