Jorge E. Wright:

The Genus tulostoma (gasteromycetes)

A world monograph

1987. 338 pages, 156 figures, 50 plates, appendix, 14x22cm, 650 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Mycologica, Band 113)

ISBN 978-3-443-59014-7, paperback, price: 82.00 €

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Synopsis top ↑

The genus Tulostoma (from the Greek tulós = knob, and stoma = mouth), is a member of the large group of fungi, the Gasteromycetes, which at maturity produce a powdery mass of spores within a spore-sac, and known commonly as puff-balls.

Contents top ↑

Preface 5
Introduction 7
Meterials and methods 11
Evaluation of anatomical and microscopical characters 12
Development, physiology, ecology and importance 19
Herbaria consulted 23
List of specific and varietal epithets of Tulostoma described in the
literature or that appear in this book 26
Systematic part 35
Synopsis of the species 40
Key to the species 43
Description of the species 58
Addendum 218
Literature 220
Illustrations of spores with SEM 229
Illustrations of specimens 288
Index to taxa 331
Index of SEM illustrations of spores 335
Index of illustrations of species 337