Arctic and Alpine Mycology 3-4

Proceedings of the 3. and 4. International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology

Ed.: Orlando Petrini; Gary A. Laursen

1993. XI, 269 pages, 14 figures, 14x22cm, 540 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Mycologica, Band 150)

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List of participants and contributors III
Introduction V
Preface VII
Laursen, G.A.
The Third International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology, Svalbard,
Norway, August 10-19, 1988 VII
Miller, H.
The Fourth International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology,
Lanslebourg, France, August 24-September 4, 1992 VIII
Miller, H.
ISAM-IV Business Meeting X
Huhtinen, S.
Paavo Kallio - In memoriam 1
Bendiksen, E., T.E. Brandrud, K. Bendiksen & H. Lindström
A study of the Cortinarius helobius-complex, with special emphasis on
arctic alpine material 3
Dissing, H.
Two new species of Discomycetes (order Pezizales) from Graubunden,
Switzerland 17
Durrieu, G. & M.K. A&ikari
Distribution of some groups of plant parasitic fungi in high mountains 23
Fellner, R. & J. Landa
Some species of Cortinariaceae and Russulaceae in the alpine belt of the
Belaer Tatras - I 33
Graf, F. & E. Horak
Taxonomy and ecology of a new hypogeous Basidiomycete, lIymenogaster
saliciphilus sp. nov., from the alpine zone of the Grisons (Switzerland) 39
Holm, K. & L. Holm
Dryadicolous Ascomycetes from Svalbard 53
Horak, H.
Entoloma in the alpine zone of the Alps: 1. Revision of the taxa described by
J. Favre (1955)
2. New records from the Swiss National Park and other locations in the Alps 63
Huhtinen, S.
New or less known hyaloscyphaceous fungi from the Canadian timberline 93
Jalink L.M. & M. Nauta
The mycoflora of the FaLkland Islands - I. Introduction and preliminary
results 105
Kalamees, K. & M. Vaasma
Mycobiota of alpine and subalpine sites of Kamchatka 121
Knudsen, H., N. Hallenberg & V. A. Mukhin
A comparison of wood-inhabiting basidiomycetes from three valleys in
Greenland 133
Knudsen, H. & D. Lamoure
Notes on Lactarius dryadophilus Kuhn. and L. groenlandicus Terkelsen 147
Lamoure, D.
Nuclear behavior in some omphaloid fructifications of the Basidiolichens
Botrydina and Coriscium 155
Miller, O.K.
Observations on the genus Cystoderma in Alaska 161
Moser, M. & M. Rameseder
An alpine Collybia species associated with Loiseleuria procumbens: Collybia
loiseleurietorum spec. nov. 171
Ohenoja, E. & M. Ohenoja
Lactarii of the Franklin and Keewatin Districts of the Northwest Territories,
Arctic Canada 179
Petrini, L.E. & O. Petrini
Xylariaceae of the Arctic and Alpine areas of Europe 193
Raitviir, A.
List of alpine and subalpine Hyaloscyphaceae from Central Asia 201
Schumacher, T.K.
Ecology and Distribution of the Genus Scutellinia in Norway 215
Senn-Irlet, B.
The mycoflora of Alpine mire communities rich in Salix 235
Stephenson, S.L. & G.A. Laursen
A preliminary report on the distribution and ecology of Myxomycetes in
Alaskan tundra 251
Index to fungal genera 259
Index to fungal species 263