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The genus Characiopsis Borzi (Mischococcales, Tribophyceae)

Taxonomy, biogeography and ecology

1995. 113 pages, 4 figures, 11 plates on 33 p. as app., 14x22cm, 340 g
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(Bibliotheca Phycologica, Band 98)

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A marked difference between some Characiopsis species from Northeastern Argentina and those from the literature of the rest of the world was noticed when observing natural populations. This induced us to make a characterization of the genus Characiopsis Borzi (Mischococcales, Tribophyceae) from the taxo— nomic, biogeographical and ecological points of View.

The taxonomy of the group was completed on the basis of the compilation made by Ettl (1978), plus the’ taxa added other authors afterwards, and our observations on natural populations from a variety of environments and substrata of the Argentinian Northeast. Besides 11 species and 22 varieties new to science, 2 new records for Argentina and the Southern Hemisphere were described. Eight complexes (If taxa exhibiting a close morphological affinity among them, thus being a continuum, were also erected.

A study of basic characters used for taxonomic assigments was performed by means of a cluster analysis, in order to assess the variability pattern of the genus.

Finally, the genus was characterized from both ecological and biogeographical points of view, stressing preferences of substrata and type of environment. The world distribution is also presented.

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Introduction 3
Class Tribophyceae 3
The genus Characiopsis Borzi 5
Studied environments 10
Studied Substrata 12
Analysis of the diacritic features 13
Systematics 16
Key 16
Description of taxa 24
General remarks 101
Biogeographic and Ecological Aspects of the Genus
Characiopsis Borzi 102
References lop
Figures and plates 113