Andrea Schmelter:

Climatic Response and Growth-Trends of Nothofagus pumilio along Altitudinal Gradients from Arid to Humid Sites in Northern Patagonia

2003. VIII, 114 pages, 21 figures, 8 tables, 5 plates, 260 g
Language: English

(Dissertationes Botanicae, Band 368)

ISBN 978-3-443-64280-8, paperback, price: 40.00 €

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Nothofagus pumilioNorthern Patagoniaarid siteshumid sitesaltitudinal gradientsclimatic responsegrowth-trends


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The aim of this study is the detection of the growth pattern of Nothofagus pumilio over the W-E transect, and the precise evaluation of the climate-growth relationships across its broad distribution range over ecologically different sites, with the aim of contributing to its utilisation for dendroclimatological research purposes. The present investigation hopes to make a small contribution towards a better and more complex understanding of climate variability in mountain regions of the Southern Hemisphere.