M. Peinado; F. Alcaraz; J. M. Martinez-Parras:

Vegetation of Southeastern Spain

1992. 487 pages, 78 figures, 75 tables, 14x23cm, 1010 g
Language: English

(Flora et Vegetatio Mundi, Volume X)

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Content Description top ↑

A description of the vegetation in the Murcian-Almeriense province (Southeastern Spain) has been carried out. It includes e.g. Environmental features, bioclimatology, biogeography, phytosociological synthesis and taxonomy. A total of 78 figures (maps, climatic diagrams, drawing of transects and natural landscapes, species iconography and others) are also included. This work is an exhaustive bibliographic botanical compilation concerning the vegetation of the Spanish Southeast.

Table of Contents top ↑

Abstract 1
Part 1 Historical Background 5
Part II The Physical Environment 9
General features 11
Geology 14
Edaphology 20
Part III Bioclimatology 23
Origin of the Murcian-Almeriense flora 45
Biogeographical typology 53
Bioindicator lists 70
Part V Vegetation 81
Introduction to the Study of Vegetation
Historical approach 83
The phytosociological method 84
Vegetation dynamics: Symphytosociology and Geosymphytosociology 88
Vb Murcian-Almeriense Vegetation Series
Key to the Murcian-Almeriense series 93
Synthesis of the Murcian-Almeriense series 94
Vc Phytosociological Typology
Syntaxonomical scheme 103
Key to the Murcian-Almeriense associations 133
Quercetea ilicis 143
Lygeo sparti-Stipetea tenacissimae 179
Rosmarinetea officinalis 197
Cisto-Lavanduletea 251
Pegano-Salsoletea vermiculatae 255
Nerio-Tamaricetea 273
Arthrocnemetea fruticosi 283
Part VI Interesting Botanical Localities 297
Cabo de Gata Natural Park 299
Punta del Sabinar 305
Campo de Nijar-Sierra de Alhamilla-Desierto de Tabernas 321
Sierra de Cartagena 341
Siera Espuna 343
Sierra de Carrascoy 348
Sierras de Orihuela and Callosa 349
Sierra de Fontcalent 353
Murcian-Almeriense salt marshes 355
Part VII Taxonomical Appendix 369
Genista 371
Helianthemum 372
Thymus 378
Sideritis 285
Teucrium 393
Floristic catalogue 403
Part VIII Bibliography 441
Syntaxonomical Index 467
Index of Figures 483
Index of Phytosociological Tables 485
Acknowledgements 487