Indigenous fermented food of non-western origin

Ed.: C.W. Hesseltine; Hwa Wang

1986. 351 pages, 31 figures, 15x23cm, 800 g
Language: English

(Mycologia Memoir, Volume 11)

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Preface 7
Chapter 1 Food Fermentation Research and Development
C.W. Hesseltine and H.L. Wang 9
Chapter 2 History of Chinese Fermented Foods
H . L. Wang and S. F. Fang 23
Chapter 3 Modernization of Traditional Chinese Fermented
Foods and Beverages
J.S. Chiao 37
Chapter 4 Soybean Fermentation and Other Tempe Products
in Indonesia
Indrawati Gandjar 55
Chapter 5 Indonesian Fermented Foods Not Based on Soybeans
Ko Swan Djien 67
Chapter 6 Microbiology of Some Fermented Cereals and Grain
Legumes of India and Vicinity
L. R. Bartra 85
Chapter 7 Traditional Fermented Food Products in Korea
T.I. Mheen and T.W. Kwon 105
Chapter 8 Soy Sauce and Other Fermented Foods of Japan
D. Fukushima 121
Chapter 9 Fermented Corn Products of Mexico
M. Ulloa and T. Herrera 151
Chapter 10 Fermented Foods of Egypt and the Middle East
S. M. El-Gendy 169
Chapter 11 Fermented Cereal Products of Tropical Africa
H. G. Muller 193
Chapter 12 Sorghum Beer and Related Fermentations of
Southern Africa
L. Novellie 219
Chapter 13 Industrialization of Home and Village Food
K.H. Steinkraus 237
Chapter 14 Introduction of New Fermented Foods into Western
B.J.B. Wood 251
Chapter 15 Risks of Mycotoxin in Fermented Foods
T. Yokotsuka and M. Sasaki 259
Chapter 16 Nutritional Quality of Fermented Foods
H.L. Wang 288
Chapter 17 Future of Fermented Foods
C.W. Hesseltine 303
Chapter 18 Clossary of indigenous Fermented Foods
H.L. Wang and C.W. Hessehine 317
Symposia on Fermented Foods 343
Index 343
Index to Scientfic Names 348