A. Ruttner-Kolisko:

Das Zooplankton der Binnengewässer, Suppl.-Edition

Plankton rotifers, biology and taxonomy. English transl. of Vol XXVI, part 1, chapter "Rotatoria"

1974. VII, 146 pages, 53 figures, 2 tables, 4 plates, 16x24cm, 360 g
Language: English

(Die Binnengewässer, Band 26 Teil 1)

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Zooplankton Binnengewässer plankton rotifers Rotatoria


Introduction top ↑

Because of their conspicuous ciliation and microscopic size the rotifers were originally classified as infusoria and not distinguished from monocellular organisms. Dutrochet (1812) was the first to use the term Rotifera and to regard the group as a biological unit set apart from the protozoa. Ehrenberg (1838) classed the Rotatoria among the worms, and Metschnikoff (1864) established the distinction between them and the Gastrotricha; Zelinka (1889) included both groups with the Aschelminthes. Although the phylogenetic origin of the Aschelminthes and the relationships within this group continue to present a number of unsolved problems there can be no doubt that Rotifera, Gastrotricha and Nematoda have many structural features in common.

Contents top ↑

A. General Section
1. Introduction 1
2. Morphology 3
3. Ecology 14
a) Autecology 14
b) Synecology 20
4. Reproduction 30
5. Taxonomy 42
B. Special Section
1. Use of the Key 47
2. Key to General 48
3. Key to Species 59
4. List of Synonyms 127
5. Bibliography 130
6. Index of Species 140
7. Subject Index