Proceedings of the first International Rotifer Symposium

Ed.: Charles W. King

1977. VI, 315 pages, 95 figures, 40 tables, 2 plates, 16x24cm, 680 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 8)

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Preface 1
List of participants 7
Topic I
Sampling rotifers -- J. Green 9

Comparison of various sampling techniques, and results of repeated
sampling of planktonic rotifers - A. Ruttner-Kolisko 13
Topic II
Migration, patchiness, and distribution in time and space of
planktonic rotifers Maria R. Miracle 19
Multivariate analysis of rotifer distributions in Lake Huron Richard
S. Stemberger and John E. Cannon 38
Horizontal distribution and "avoidance of shore" by rotifers -
K. Preissler 43
Phototaxis in rotifers (action spectra) - Pierre Clement 47
Migration of planktonic rotifers in Lunzer Obersee (Austria) - B. Pivoda 50
Adaptive advantages of substrate selection by sessile rotifers -
R. L. Wallace 53
Topic III
Population dynamics and secondary production - W. T. Edmondson 56
Lifespan of male rotifers - Terry W. Snell 65
A tentative estimation of annual production for some periphytic
rotifers with a unimodal phenology - Henri J. Dumont, Marc Coussement,
and Anne-Marie De Henau 67
Suggestions for biomass calculation of planktonic rotifers -
A. Ruttner-Kolisko 71
Topic IV
The influence of abiotic environmental
factors on population dynamics in
planktonic rotifers - Wolfgang Hofmann 77
Effects of thermal effluent upon the planktonic Rotifera-survival and
egg production - J. P. K. Horkan, D. N. Gallup, and J. R. Nursall 84
Population dynamics of rotifers as related to climatic conditions in
Lunzer Obersee and Untersee - A. Ruttner Kolisko 88
Some effects of enclosure on congeneric species of rotifers -
M. R. Miracle and A. Guiset 94
Topic V
Biotic factors in the population dynamics of rotifers Henri J. Dumont 98
An analysis of the diets of five sympatric species of Asplanchna -
George W. Salt 123
Stomach contents in Asplanchna and Ploesoma - A. Guiset 126
Rotifer populations in mountain lakes relative
to fish and species of copepods present - R. Stewart Anderson 130
The effect of the microsporid Plistophora asperospora on Conochilus
unicornis in Lunzer Untersee (LUS) - A. Ruttner-Kolisko 135
Epidemiology in rotifer - M. R. Miracle 138

Topic VI
Mictic-female production in monogonont rotifers - John J. Gilbert 142
A note on mictic-female production in monoxenic cultures
of Brachionus calycifiorus - John J. Gilbert 156
A note on the effect of cold shock on mictic-female productionin
Brachionuscalyciflorus - John J. Gilbert 158
A note on the relationship between polymorphism and mictic-female
production in Brachionus calyciflorus - John J. Gilbert 161
Determination of mixis in Brachionus - C. Rougier, R. Pourriot, and
P. Clement 163
Physiological basis of the reproduction of heterogonous Rotatoria -
Hans Buchner 167
Rotifer reproduction under controlled experimental conditions -
J. M. Scott 169
Male production in seawater cultured Brachionus plicatilis -
M. Pozuelo 172
Comparison of the control of mixis in three
clones of Notommata copeus Roger Pourriot and Pierre Clement 174
Amphoteric reproduction in a population of Asplanchna priodonta A
Ruttner-Kolisko 178
Amphoteric reproduction in Asplanchna girodi -Terry W. Snell and
Charles E. King 182
Reproductive cycle in Sinantherina socialis - P. Champ and R. Pourriot
Topic VII
Genetics of reproduction, variation, and
adaptation in rotifers Charles E. King 187
Clonal selection Competition among clones Terry W. Snell 202
Cytoplasmic and chromosomal inheritance of the mictic reaction in a
parthenogenetic clone of Notommata copeus - Pierre Clement and Roger
Pourriot 205
Effects of cyclical ameiotic parthenogenesis on gene frequencies and
effective population size - Charles E King 207
Topic VIII
General problems of rotifer taxonomy and global distribution - Birger
Pejler 212
Classification based on the male - M. Sudzaki 221
General distribution of planktonic rotifers in Spanish reservoirs -
A. Guiset 222
Studies on the distribution of Brachionus calyciflorus in India -
M. V. S. S. S Dhanapathi
Some puzzling problems in the taxonomy of Brachionus and Keratella -
M. Sudzuki 230
Dwarfing of rotifers in tropical crater lakes - J. Green 232
Some data on variation in three planktonic genera - A. Guiset 237
Antarctic freshwater rotifers - H. J. G. Dartnall 240

Topic IX
Food and feeding habits of Rotifera - R. Pourriot 243
Radiotracer determination of feeding in
Brachionus calyciflorus: The importance of gut passage times Peter -
L. Starkweather and John J. Gilbert 261
Experience with rotifer cultures based on Rhodomonas - Birger Pejler 264
Selective cannibalism in the rotifer
Asplanchna sieboldi John J. Gilbert 267
Topic X
Ultrastructural research on rotifers Pierre Clement 270
Resting egg ultrastructure and formation of the shell in Asplanchna
sieboldi and Brachionus calyciflorus - Elizabeth Wurdak, John
J. Gilbert, and Richard Jagels 298
Index of Authors 303
Index of Species 308
Subject-Index 313