Microalgae for food and feed

Proceedings of the German-Israeli Workshop held 17 to 18 Oct. 1977 at Neuherberg

Ed.: Carl J. Soeder; Rudolf Binsack

1979. IV, 300 pages, 86 figures, 93 tables, 16x24cm, 640 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 11)

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The main topic of the workshop "Microalgae for Food and Feed. A Status Analysis", held in Neuherberg, Germany, in October 1977, was to summarize, discuss and evaluate results of the microalgae projects that have been carried out in Germany, Thailand, Peru, India and Israel. Additionally, the use of "algae-bacteria-systems", and the synopsis of the results obtained in the framework of bilateral projects in India, Thailand and Peru were discussed.

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Preface 1
Session 1: General background of the topic
G. Shelef, R. Moraine and G. Oron (Haifa) Photosynthetic
biomass production from sewage. 3
R . Binsack (Eschborn): Introductory remarks concerning the scope
of the microalgae projects in India, Peru and Thailand 15
P. Heussler, J. Castillo S. and F. Merino
M. (Trujillo) Ecological balance of algal cultures in arid climates
Major results of the Peruvian-German
Microalgae Project at Trujillo. 17
E. W. Becker (Tübingen) Major results of the Indo-German Algal
Project 23
H. J. Payer (Dortmund), B. Pithakpol, M. Nguitragool, C. Prabharaksa,
D. Thananunkul and S. Chavana: Major results of the Thai-German
Microalgae Project at Bangkok 41
E. W. Becker (Tübingen): The legislative background for
utilization of microalgae and other types of single cell protein. 56
Session 2: Animal experiments with microalgae
W. Pabst (Dortmund): Nutritional evaluation of nonsewage microalgae
by the rat balance method 65
E. W. Becker (Tübingen): Nutritional synergism between microalgae
Indian staple foods 71
H. Brune and O.P. Walz (Giessen): Studies on some nutritive effects of
the green alga, Scenedesmusacutus, with pigs and broilers 79
S. Mokady, S. Yannai, P. Einav and Z. Berk (Haifa): Nutritional
evaluation of the protein of several algae species for broilers. 89
Ch. Meske (Ahrensburg) and E. Pfeffer (Göttingen) Growth
experiments with carp and grass carp. 98
E. Sandbank and B. Hepher (Haifa) The utilization of
microalgae as a feed for fish. 108
P. Buri (Bangkok) The potential of algal culture on aquacultural
enterprises. 121
W. Pabst, H.D. Payer, I. Rolle and C.J. Soeder (Dortmund):
Safety evaluation on the microalga, Scenedesmus acutus. 1. Biological
and haematological data from multigeneration feeding studies in mice 127
S. Yannai, S. Mokady, K. Sachs and Z. Berk (Haifa) The safety of
several algae grown on wastewater as a foodstuff for broilers. 139
Session 3: Microalgae for human nutrition
E. K o f r a n y i (Dortmund and Lindberg) The nutritional value of the
green alga Scenedesmus acutus for humans 150
R. Gross, U. Gross, A. Ramirez, K. Cuadra, C. Collazos (Lima) and
W. Feldheim (Giessen) Nutritional tests with the green alga
Scenedesmus with healthy and malnourished persons 161
U. Gross and R. Gross (Lima) Acceptance and product selection of
food fortified with the microalga Scenedesmus. 174
H. D. Payer and K. H. Runkel (Dortmund) Environmental pollutants in
freshwater algae from open-air mass cultures 184
L.V. Venkataraman (Mysore) New possibilities for microalgae
production and utilisation in India 199
V. Hernandez, U. Grossand R. Gross (Lima) Some remarks about a
testing program for single cell protein (SCP) as food additives in Peru,
on the example of the microalga Scenedesmus acts. 211
H. J. Bremer (Düsseldorf) Hazards and problems in the utilisation of
microalgae for human nutrition. 218
Session 4: Technology, economy and feasibility of microalgae production
P. Heussler, J. Castillo S. and F. Merino M. (Trujillo): Parasite
problems in the outdoor cultivation of Scenedesmus. 223
F. H. Mohn (Dortmund): Improved technologies for the harvesting and
processing of microalgae and their impact on production costs 228
P. Heussler, J. Castillo S., F. Merino M.and V. Vasquez V.(Trujillo):
Improvements in pond construction and CO2 supply for the mass
production of microalgae. 254
C. J. Soeder (Dortmund): Economic considerations concerning the
autotrophic production of microalgae at the technical scale 259
A. Richmond and A. Vonshak (Beersheva): Spirulina culture in Israel. 274
G. Shelef, G. Oron and R. Moraine (Haifa) : Economic aspects of
microalgae production on sewage 281
A. Barak (Jerusalem): Protein resources policy in Israel 295
List of Participants 299