Proceedings of the workshop on measurement of microbial activities in the carbon cycle of freshwaters

Ed.: Jürgen Overbeck

1979. VI, 170 pages, 58 figures, 26 tables, 16x24cm, 380 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 12)

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This volume represents the proceedings of the "Workshop on the measurement of microbial activities in the carbon cycle of freshwaters", held in Plön, Germany, in August 1977. The 18 papers in this volume were divided in the following groups: O2-consumption, Heterotrophic CO2-fixation, Uptake kinetics of labelled organic substrates and others.

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List of participants V
Preface 1
Group I: O2-consumption
Straskrabova, Vera: Oxygen methods for measuring the activity of water
bacteria. 3

Godlewska-Lipowa, Waclawa A.: O2-consumption as an indicator of
heterotrophic activity of bacteria in lakes of different trophic
conditions 11
Liu, D. and Strachan, W. M. J. Characterization of microbial activity
in sediment by resazurin reduction. 24
Vaatanen, P. Microbial activity in brackish water determined as oxygen
consumption. 32
Group II: Heterotrophic CO2-fixation
Overbeck, J.: Dark CO2 uptake - biochemical background and its
relevance to in situ bacterial production 38
Biebl, H. and Pfennig, N.: Anaerobic CO2 uptake by phototrophic
A review 48
Group III: Uptake kinetics of labelled organic substrates
Hobbie, J. E.: Activity and bacterial biomass 59
Krambeck, Christiane: Applicability and limitations of the
Michaelis-Menten equation in microbial ecology. 64
Group IV: Others
Isnida, Y. and Kadota, H.: A new method for enumeration of oligotrophic
bacteria in lake water 77
Fleischer, S. and Gahnstrom, G. Demonstration of the sequential
degradation of organic compounds in aquatic systems 86
Cappenberg, Th. E. Kinetics of breakdown processes of organic matter
in freshwater sediments. 91
Stabel, H.-H., Moaledj, K. and Overbeck,J.: On the degradation of
dissolved organic molecules from Plußsee by oligocarbophilic bacteria 95
Reichardt, W. Significance of different methods to determine
dehydrogenase (ETS)-activities in aquatic environments. 105
Rudd, J.W.M. and Hamilton, R.D.: Methane cycling in Lake 227
in perspective with some components of carbon and oxygen cycles. 115
Kelly, Robertson, Carol: Quantitative comparison of the significance
of methane in the carbon cycles of two small lakes. 123
Tiefenbrunner, F. Estimation of microbial activities in polluted surface waters
by microcalorimetry 136
Witzel, K.-P.: The adenylate energy charge as a measure of
microbial activities in aquatic habitats 146
Graneli, W.: The respiratory quotient and anaerobic CO2 production of
undisturbed sediment cores. 166
Index 167