The Measurement of photosynthetic pigments in freshwater and standardization of methods

Proceedings of the workshop held at Plön, July 28-29,1978. Organized by Max-Planck Institut für Limnology, Abt. Tropenökologie

Ed.: Hakumat Rai

1980. 106 pages, 32 figures, 16 tables, 16x24cm, 270 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 14)

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This volume consists papers dealing with the measurement of photosynthetic pigments in freshwater and standardization of methods, presented at the workshop held in Plön, Germany, in July 1978. The workshop seeks to improve presents technique and stimulate the invention of new methods. These areas include extraction; long term storage of filters; specific absorption coefficients for acetone, methanol, and ethanol in terms of differing percentages of water.

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List of participants IV
Rai, H .: Introduction 1
Rai, H .: Some problems in determination of photosynthetic
planktonic pigments and their decomposition products 3
Nusch, E. A. Comparison of different methods for chlorophyll and
phaeopigment determination 14
Rott, E .: Spectrophotometric and chromatographic chlorophyll
analysis: comparison of results and discussion of the trichromatic
method 37

Lenz, J. & Fritsche, P. The estimation of chlorophyll a in
water samples a comparative study on retention in a glass-fibre and
membrane filter and on the reliability of two storage methods 46
Marker, A. F. H., Crowther, C. A. & Gunn, R.J.M.: Methanol and acetone
as solvents for estimating chlorophyll a and phaeopigments by
spectrophotometry 52
Riemann, B.: A note on the use of methanol as an extraction
solvent for chlorophyll a determination 70

Staub, E .: Two chromatographic separation methods for chlorophyll
analyses: TLC and its transformation to modern HPLC (Abstract) 79
Tolstoy, A. Information on the standardisation of pigment
methodology in Nordic countries 81
Marker, A. F. H.: A note on the extraction of chlorophyll from
benthic algae using methanol 88
Marker, A. F. H., Nusch, E. A., Rai, H. & Riemann, B.: The measurement
of photosynthetic pigments in freshwaters and standardisation of
methods Conclusions and recommendations 91