Hilary H. Birks:

Plant macrofossils in Quaternary lake sediments

1980. 60 pages, 6 figures, 16x24cm, 180 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 15)

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In this work the palaeoecological importance of studying plant macrofossils like seeds, fruits, leaves, etc. preserved in Quaternary lake sediments is reviewed. The studies demonstrate the value of macrofossils in reconstructing past lake conditions, water level, water chemistry, and regional climate. Changes in the distribution and abundance of aquatic plants, so clearly demonstrated by macrofossil evidence are discussed.

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Introduction 3
Extraction and identification of macrofossils 5
Presentation of results 11
The deposition of plant macrofossils in lake sediments 12
Dispersal in temperate environments 12
Dispersal in arctic and alpine environments 14
The mechanism of macrofossil deposition in lake sediments 15
The palaeoecological implications of plant macrofossils 16
Identification 16
Local dispersal 17
Macrofossils of terrestrial species 18
Palaeoecological studies using plant macrofossils 19
Plant macrofossils in sediments of the last (Devensian, Weichselian, Wisconsin)
glaciation 20
Plant macrofossils in Holocene (postglacial) lake sediments 28
Plant macrofossils from interglacial lake sediments 35
Changes in the distribution and abundance of aquatic plants 39
Summary 44
Zusammenfassung 46
Acknowledgements 47
References 48