The Measurement of photosynthetic pigments in freshwater and standardization of methods

Proceedings of the 2. workshop held at Plön, July 17/18, 1980

Ed.: Hakumat Rai; A.F. Marker

1982. 130 pages, 38 figures, 34 tables, 16x24cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 16)

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This volume consists papers dealing with the measurement of photosynthetic pigments in freshwater and standardization of methods, which are presented at the 2nd workshop in Plön, Germany, in July 1980. The objective of this workshop were within the categories of storage, extraction, absorption spectrophotometry, specific absorption coefficients, acidification techniques, in vivo fluorometry and most modern chromatographic techniques.

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List of participants IV
Preface 1
Marker, A. F. H. & Jinks, S. The spectrophotometrie analysis of
chlorophyll a and phaeopigments in acetone, ethanol and methanol 3

Riemann, B.: Measurement of chlorophyll a and its degradation products
a comparison of methods 19
Breemen, L. W. C. A. van Comparison of fluorometric and
spectrophotometric methods for in vivo chlorophyll determination 25

Jacobse n, T. R.: Comparison of chlorophyll a measurements by fluorometric,
spectrophotometric and high pressure liquid chromatographic methods in
aquatic environments 35
Krause, H., Helml, M., Gerhardt, V. & Gebhardt, W. Invivo
measurements of photosynthetically active pigment systems in fresh waters using
delayed fluorescence 47
Ernst, D. E. W. & Schulze, E.: Chlorophyll determination in the field by
fluorometry 55
Granberg, K. & Harjula, H.: On the relation of chlorophyll a to
phytoplankton biomass in some Finnish freshwater lakes 63
Coveney, M. F.: Elimination of chlorophyll b interference in the
fluorometric determination of chlorophyll a and phaeopigrnent a 77
Schanz, F. A fluorometric method of determining chlorophyll a and
phaeophytin a concentrations 91

Gowen, R. J., Tett, P. & Wood, B. J. B. The problem of degradation products
in the estimation of chlorophyll by fluorescence 101
Bjarnborg, B.: In vivo fluorescence compared with extracted
chlorophyll a and the effect of DCMU addition 107
Kaatra, K.: Standardization of the method for measuring chlorophyll a
in Finland 117
Youngman, R. E. (Abstract) A comparison of methods for chlorophyll
determination and the measurement of phaeopigment in samples from the
River Thames and a reservoir in southern England 121
Gieskes, W. W. C. & Kraay, G. W. (Abstract): Comparison of chromatographic
(HPLC and TLC) with conventional methods for the measurement of chlorophylls
in oceanic waters 123
Hallegraeff, G. M. & Jeffrey, S. W. (Abstract): Profiles of
photosynthetic pigments in the East Australian Current using
thin-layer chromatography 125
Lorenen, C. J. & Jeffrey, S. W. (Abstract): Determination of
chlorophyll in seawater 127
Brown, S. R. (Abstract): Fossil carotenoids and chlorophylls in lake
sediments 129