Production and use of microalgae

Ed.: E.W. Becker

1985. VI, 198 pages, 51 figures, 55 tables, 16x24cm, 430 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 20)

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The present volume is dealing with aspects of microalgae use, i. e. food and feed applications, sewage treatment, engineering and management of algal ponds, raising multiple organisms in aquaculture and showing new possibilities in solving existing problems.

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Foreword V
I. Cultivation of microalgae, case studies
Heussler, P.: Development and results of the Peruvian-German
Microalgae Project 1
El-Fouly, M., Abdalla, F. E., El-Baz, F. K. & Mohn, F. H.: Experience
with algae production within the Egypto-German Microalgae
Project. (With 1 figure and 9 tables in the text 9
Fox, R. D.: The cultivation of Spirulina as part of an integrated
village health system. (With 2 figures in the text) 17
Lincoln, E. P.: Resource recovery with microalgae. (With 4 figures in
the text) 25
Dilov, C., Georgiev, D. & Bozhkova, M.: Cultivation and application of
microalgae in the People's Republic of Bulgaria 35
II. Strains and principles of algae growth
Acosta P., J. & Mestanza D., T.: Algae of the Vizcarra-Maranon-Basin
(Peru). (With 2 tables in the text) 39
Aldave P., A.: High-Andean algal species as hydrobiological food
resources. (With 1 table in the text) 45
Ayala J., F., Diaz G., M. E. & Bravo B., R.: Microalgae culture in
salt-water media. (With 4 figures and 4 tables in the text) 53
Ramos-Cardenas, A. & de Lara-Isassi, G. The effect of nutrients in the
development of algal populations (Scenedesmus spp.). (With 2 tables in
the text) 63
III. Technological and economical aspects of algal mass cultivation
Heussler, P.: Aspects of sloped algae pond engineering. (With 5
figures and 3 tables in the text) 71
Märkl, H. & Mather, M.: Mixing and aeration of shallow open
ponds. (With 11 figures in the text) 85
Vasquez, V. & Heussler, P.: Carbon dioxide balance in open air mass
culture of algae. (With 10 figures and 4 tables in the text) 95
Merino, F., Moya, R., Rodriguez, A. & Heussler, P.: Control of the
parasite Aphelidium sp. in mass cultures of Scenedesmus obliques by
chemical agents. (With 5 figures and 3 tables in the text) 1lS
Schulz, P., Heussler, P., Moya, R. & Merino, F. Production cost of
Scenedesmus and the economical impact of technological improvements
and plant size. (With 2 figures and 8 tables in the text) 125

IV. Use of algae in aquaculture
De Pauw, N. & De Leenheer, L. Outdoor mass production of marine
microalgae for nursery culturing of bivalve molluscs 139
Sorgeloos, P.: Potentials of converting microalgae into brine shrimp
Artemia. (With 1 table in the text) 147
Trotta, P.: An indoor solution for mass production of the marine
rotifer Brachionus plicatilis Muller fed on the marine microalgae
Tetraselmis suecica Butcher (Abstract) 151
Horstmann, U.: The use of microalgae in aquaculture. (With 1 table in
the text) 153
V. Nutritional and toxicological properties of algal biomass Gross,
R., Schöneberger, H. & Gross, U. Preliminary results on the quality of
Scenedesmus obliquus produced at an algal pilot plant in Peru. (With 2
figures and 5 tables in the text) 157
Chamorro C., G., Salazar J., M., Izquierdo M., E., Salazar J., S. &
Ulloa G., V.: Multigeneration study on reproduction and lactation in
rats fed with Spirulina. (With 6 tables in the text) 165

Yannai, S. & Mokady, S.: Short-term and multi-generation toxicity
tests of algae grown in wastewater as a source of protein for several
animal species. (With 3 figures and 5 tables in the text) 173
Mejia, E., Merino, F., Moya, R. & Heussler, P.: Quality of Scenedesmus
powder produced at Sausal (Peru) and some factors affecting it. (With
2 figures and 2 tables in the text) 181
Gross, U., de Valencia, J. & Ynami, M.: Some observations about
development and introduction of algae with regard to the target
groups. (With 1 table in the text) 191
Subject Index 197