Proceedings of the International Conference on Reservoir and Water Quality, Part 1

Physical limnology, mathematical models and microbial decomposition

Ed.: B. Henderson-Sellers; Vera Straskrabová

1989. XIV, 287 pages, 112 figures, 53 tables, 16x24cm, 600 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 33)

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The first part of Vol. 33 contains abstracts of the "International Conference on Reservoir Limnology and Water Quality" held at České Budéjovice, Czechoslovakia, in June 1987. These abstracts are dealing with topics such as sediments, dynamics of zooplankton and suspended matter in the water column, variations of physiochemical parameters or the effect of reservoir on the climate in a near-shore zone.

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Key factors of reservoir limnology, geographical aspects and reservoir
cascades (Chairman: J. G. TUNDISI)
TUNDISI, J. G.: Key factors of reservoir functioning and geographical
aspects of reservoir limnology - Chairman's overview 645-646
LIND, O. T. & TERRELL, T. T.: Trophic classification: some special
problems of reservoirs. (Abstract) 647
THORNTON, J. A. & RAST, W.: Comparative limnology of north and south
sub-tropical man-made lakes and implications for eutrophication
assessment. (Abstract) 649
TAILING, J. F.: Diel and seasonal energy transfer, storage and
stratification in African reservoirs and lakes. (With 5 figures in the
text) 651-660
TUNDISI, J. G. & MATSUMURA-TUNDISI, T.: Limnology and eutrophication
of Barra Bonita reservoir, S. Paulo State, Southern Brazil. (With 16
figures in the text) 661-676
STRASKRABA, M.: Limnological particularities of multiple reservoir
series. (Extended Abstract) 677-678
ARMENGOL, J., SABATER, F., RIERA, J. L. & MORGUI, J. A.: Annual and
longitudinal changes in the environmental conditions in three
consecutive reservoirs of the Guadiana River (W. Spain). (With 4
figures and 2 tables in the text) 679-687
LADEISHCHIKOV, N. P. & OBOLKIN, V. A.: Climate and climatic resources
of reservoirs. (With 1 table in the text) 689-693
STELLMACHER, R.: Long-term trends in the seston content of a shallow
eutrophic lake and some relations to climatic elements. (With 2
figures and 1 table in the text) 695-699
Reservoir eutrophication (Chairman: O. T. LIND)
LIND, O. T.: Reservoir eutrophication - Chairman's overview 701-702
ZLINSZKY, J. & HERODEK, S.: Biologically available phosphorus
retention by the Kis-Balaton reservoir. (With 3 figures and 1 table in
the text) 703-707
PARPAROVA, R. M.: The phosphorus cycle and its significance in the
eutrophication of Lake Sevan. (With 3 tables in the text) 709-712
KOSCHEL, R.: Pelagic calcite precipitation and trophic state of
hardwater lakes. (With 3 figures and 2 tables in the text) 713-722
DUDEL, G., SCHLANGSTEDT, M., HEDER, A. & KOHL, J. G.: Measurement and
calculation of dinitrogen fixation in water bodies. (With 4 figures
and 2 tables in the text) 723-731
TOJA, J.: Longitudinal differentiation according to environmental
factors and phytoplankton in Aracena and La Minilla reservoirs
(Seville, Spain). (With 7 figures and 4 tables in the text) 733-747
HORN, W. & HORN, H.: Long-term-relationships between phyto- and
zooplankton in the meso-eutrophic reservoir Saidenbach. (With 12
figures and 2 tables in the text) 749-762
as a biomanipulating tool in a temperate lowland reservoir. (With 5
figures and 1 table in the text) 763-774

SLADECKOVA, A.: Periphyton as Indicator of the Reservoir Water
Quality. III. Biomonitoring Techniques. (With 2 plates in the text) 775-782

ZHU, X. & Hou, R.: A prediction on eutrophication of reservoir
Yuqiao. (With 5 figures and 4 tables in the text) 783-792

EGBORGE, A. B. M.: Eutrophication of Nigeria's lake Asejire. (With 8
figures in the text) 793-802
Water quality: classification and treatment (Chairman: Z. KAJAK)
KAJAK, Z.: Water quality: Classification and treatment - Chairman's
overview 805
GREGOIRE, A.: Classification of the principal French reservoirs. (With
5 figures and 1 table in the text) 807-818

SLADECEK, V.: Water quality in Czechoslovak water-supply
impoundments. (With 3 figures and 4 tables in the text) 819-825

KOCKOVA, E.: Water quality in reservoirs - the effect of inflowing
pollution. (With 2 tables in the text) 827-829
MARTINOVIC-VITANOVIC, V. & KALAFATIC, V.: Classification of some
reservoirs in SR Serbia (SFR Yugoslavia) based on analysis of plankton
species as indicators of trophic conditions. (With 1 table in the
text) 831-837

Investigations on a pumped storage system in North Italy. (Abstract) 839
KAJAK, Z.: Ecology of Lowland Zegrzyriski reservoir near Warsaw. (With
2 figures and 7 tables in the text) 841-850
SIMM, A. T.: The influence of impoundments on phytoseston biomass of
two small lowland rivers - Skierniewka and Rawka in 1983. (With 6
figures in the text) 851-860
MATULOVA, D.: Water quality of some reservoirs. (With 1 figure and 3
table in the text). 861-867

SIMANOV, L. & KANTOREK, J.: Water quality in the Sance reservoir
(North Moravia). (With 2 figures and 4 tables in the text) 869-874

SEMOV, V. & KUNTCHEVA, A.: Influence of cage rearing pisciculture on
water quality and bottom sediments in artificial lakes. (With 1
figures and 2 tables in the text) 875-879

McBRIAN, E. A.: Key factors in taste and odour problems for municipal
water works using surface water sources. (With 5 figures and 9 tables
in the text) 881-891

Predicting and managing water quality (Chairman: S. O. RYDING)
ALDENBERG, T. & PETERS, J. S.: On relating empirical water quality
diagrams and plankton-dynamical models: the Sample methodology applied
to a drinking water storage reservoir. (With 5 figures and 9 tables in
the text) 893-911
DEMERS, C.: The importance of geographical aspects in environmental
studies of Hydro-Quebec reservoirs. (With 1 figure and 1 table in the
text) 913-918

SOMLYODY, L., SZILAGYI, F. & MAJOR, J.: The Kis-Balaton reservoir:
experience of the first year-operation. (Abstract) 919
Ways of evaluating human-induced impacts on the functioning of
waterbody ecosystems. (With 11 figures and 3 tables in the text) 921-932
cycles of plankton species composition and physical chemical
conditions in Slapy Reservoir detected by multivariate
statistics. (With 8 figures and 2 tables in the text) 933-945

SCHANZ, F. & KIEFER, B.: Limnology of prealpine pumpstorage reservoir:
I. Influence of water management on biomass development and primary
production. (Abstract) 947

LARSON, D. W.: Relationship of reservoir biogeochemical processes to
the structural integrity of the world's first totally roller compacted
concrete dam. (With 9 figures and 5 tables in the text) 949-964

DOLEJS, P.: Coagulation behaviour and colloidal stability of organic
substances as an important factor of water quality. (Abstract) 965

MORAVCOVA, V.: Water treatment problems. (With 6 tables in the text) 967-975
DURAS, J.: Two reservoirs for recreational use of urban areas. (Abstract) 977