Diel vertical migration of zooplankton

Proceedings of an International Symposium held at Lelystad, The Netherlands

Ed.: Joop Ringelberg

1993. IX, 222 pages, 92 figures, 30 tables, 16x24cm, 480 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 39)

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This volume represents the proceedings of the symposium on "Diel Vertical Migration", held in Lelystad, The Netherlands, in November 1991. The discussions have contributed much to the clarification of the different roles played in our thinking by proximate factors with physiological and evolutionary mechanisms with ultimate causes. The paper gives an overview about the phenomenon of diel vertical migration of pelagic animals in the freshwater and marine environments.

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Preface V
List of participants VIII
Proximate aspects
HANEY, J.F.: Environmental control of diel vertical migration
behaviour. (With 10 figures in the text) 1-17
DAWIDOWICZ, P.: Diel vertical migration in Chaoborus flavicans:
Population patterns vs. individual tracks. (With 7 figures in the
text) 19-28
LOOSE, C.J.: Daphnia diel vertical migration behavior: Response to
vertebrate predator abundance. (With 6 figures in the text) 29-36
FORWARD jr., R.B.: Photoresponses during diel vertical migration of
brine shrimp larvae: Effect of predator exposure. (With 4 figures in
the text) 37-44
RINGELBERG, J.: Phototaxis as a behavioural component of diel vertical
migration in a pelagic Daphnia. (With 6 figures and 1 table in the
text) 45-55

FLIK, B.J.G. & RINGELBERG, J.: Influence of food availability on the
initiation of diel vertical migration (DVM) in Lake Maarsseveen. (With
8 figures in the text) 57-65
JONES, R.I.: Phytoplankton migrations: Patterns, processes and
profits. (With 2 figures and 1 table in the text) 67-77
Ultimate aspects
LAMPERT, W.: Ultimate causes of diel vertical migration of
zooplankton: New evidence for the predator-avoidance hypothesis 79-88

PIJANOWSKA, J.: Diel vertical migration in zooplankton: Fixed or
inducible behavior? (With 2 figures in the text) 89-97
DUNCAN, A., GUISANDE, C. & LAMPERT, W.: Further trade-offs in Daphnia
vertical migration strategies. (With 3 figures and 4 tables in the
text) 99-108
NAUWERCK, A.: Migration strategies of crustacean zooplankton in Lake
Mondsee. (With 8 figures and 1 table in the text) 109-122
GABRIEL, W.: Models on diel vertical migration. (With 3 figures and 3
tables in the text) 123-136
Clonal composition
DE MEESTER, L.: The vertical distribution of Daphnia magna genotypes
selected for different behaviour: Outdoor experiments. (With 4 figures
and 5 tables in the text) 137-155
SPAAK, P. & HOEKSTRA, J.R.: Clonal structure of the Daphnia population
in Lake Maarsseveen: Its implications for diel vertical
migration. (With 4 figures and 1 table in the text) 157-165
MÜLLER, J. & SEITZ, A.: Habitat partitioning and differential vertical
migration of some Daphia genotypes in a lake. (With 2 figures and 4
tables in the text) 167-174
Population and ecosystem relevance
HAMZA, W., RUGGIU, D. & MANCA, M.: Diel zooplankton migrations and
their effect on the grazing impact in Lake Candia (Italy). (With 5
figures and 2 tables in the text) 175-185
BAST, S. & SEINE, A.: Differential horizontal distribution during a
day-night vertical migration of some cladocerans in a hypertrophic 187-198
TAEEB, H., LAIR, N., REYES-MARCHANT, P. & JAMET, J.-L.: Observations
on vertical migrations of zooplankton at four different stations of a
small, eutrophic, temperate zone, in relation to their
predators. (With 7 figures and 5 tables in the text) 199-216
BAST, S., GIRGIS, I. & SEITZ, A.: Comparative investigations on the
vertical distribution of Daphnia galeata and Daphnia galeata x
cucullata in the eutrophic Lake Meerfelder Maar. (With 3 figures and I
table in the text) 217-222