Speciation in ancient lakes

Ed.: K. Martens; B. Goddeeris; G. Coulter

1994. X, 508 pages, 76 figures, 62 tables, 1 plate, 16x24cm, 1190 g
Language: English

(Advances in Limnology, Volume 44)

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The present volume should be regarded as a general introduction to the subject of ancient lakes. The special nature and environments of the ancient lakes and extant biodiversities are briefly outlined. Tempo and mode of intra-lacustrine speciation are discussed and various factors affecting speciation and extinction events are listed.

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Preface IX
Part 1. Introduction to lakes
MARTIN, P.: Lake Baikal (With 1 figure and 2 tables in the text) 3-11
COULTER, G.W.: Lake Tanganyika (With 1 figure and 2 tables in the
text) 13-18
GREENWOOD, P.H.: Lake Victoria (With 1 figure and 2 tables in the
text) 19-26
RIBBINK, A.J.: Lake Malawi (With 1 figure and 2 tables in the text) 27-33
DEJOUX, C.: Lake Titicaca (With 3 figures and 2 tables in the text) 35-42
NAKAJIMA, T. & NAKAI, K.: Lake Biwa (With 3 figures and 3 tables in
the text) 43-54

SALEMAA, H.: Lake Ohrid (With 1 figure and 1 table in the text) 55- 64
GOPHEN, M. & NISHRI, A.: Lake Kinneret (With 1 figure and 4 tables in
the text) 65-71
Part 2. Contributions
Chapter 1: General and theoretical aspects
MARTENS, K., COULTER, G. & GODDEER's, B.: Speciation in Ancient
Lakes-40 years after BROOKS (With 4 figures in the text) 75-96
GORTHNER, A.: What is an ancient lake? (With 1 figure in the text) 97-100
RIBBINK, A.J.: Alternative perspectives on some controversial aspects
of cichlid fish Speciation 101-125
COULTER, G.W.: Speciation and fluctuating environments, with reference
to ancient East African lakes 127-137
TURNER, G.F.: Speciation mechanisms in Lake Malawi cichlids: a
critical review (With 4 tables in the text) 139-160
Chapter 2: Biodiversity of flora
COCQUIT, C. & VYVERMAN, W.: Composition and diversity of the algal
flora in the East African Great Lakes: a comparative survey of lakes
Tanganyika, Malawi (Nyasa), and Victoria (With 1 figure and 5 tables
in the text) 161-172
Chapter 3: Speciation and biodiversity of particular invertebrate groups
DECRAEMER, W. & COOMANS, A.: A compendium of our knowledge of the
free- living nematofauna of ancient lakes (With 4 tables in the text) 173-181
TIMOSHKIN, O.A.: Free-living Plathyhelminthes - a model group for the
evolution of invertebrates in Lake Baikal (With 4 figures and 1 table
in the text) 183-196
MAZEPOVA, G.: On comparative aspects of ostracod diversity in the
Baikalian fauna 197-202
MARTENS, K.: Ostracod speciation in ancient lakes: a review (With 2
figures and 3 tables in the text) 203-222
DUMONT, H.J.: Ancient lakes have simplified pelagic food webs (With 1
figure and 2 tables in the text) 223-234
BOXSHALL, G.A. & EVSTIGNEEVA, T.D.: The evolution of species flocks of
copepods in Lake Baikal: a preliminary analysis (With 4 figures and 3
tables in the text) 235-245
SALEMAA, H. & KAMALTYNOV, R.: The chromosome numbers of endemic
Amphipoda and Isopoda - an evolutionary paradox in the ancient lakes
Ohrid and Baikal (With 2 figures and 1 table in the text) 247-256
MORINO, H.: The phylogeny of Jesogammarus species (Amphipoda:
Anisogammaridae) and life history features of two species endemic to
Lake Biwa, Japan (With 4 figures and 4 tables in the text) 257-266
WEST, K. & COHEN, A.: Predator-prey convolution as a model for the
unusual morphologies of the crabs and gastropods of Lake Tanganyika
(With 6 figures and 1 table in the text) 267-283
MICHEL, E.: Why snails radiate: a review of gastropod evolution in
long-lived lakes, both recent and fossil (With 7 figures and 3 tables
in the text) 285-317
SITNIKOVA, T.YA.: Recent views on the history and diversity of the
Baikalian malacofauna 319-326
PROVIZ, V., GODDEERIS, B.R. & BELKOV, V.: Speciation in Baikal
Chironomidae (Diptera): an introduction (With 1 table in the text) 327-334
Chapter 4: Speciation and biodiversity of fish
LOWE-McCONNELL, R.: The roles of ecological and behaviour studies of
cichlids in understanding fish diversity and Speciation in the African
Great Lakes: a review 335-345
GREENWOOD, P.H.: The species flock of cichlid fishes in Lake Victoria
- and those of other African Great Lakes 347-354
SNOEKS, J., RUBER, L. & VERHEYEN, E.: The Tanganyika problem: comments
on the taxonomy and distribution patterns of its cichlid fauna (With 1
plate, 3 figures and 4 tables in the text) 355-372
NAKAT, K., KAWANABE, H. & GASHAGAZA, M.M.: Ecological studies on the
littoral cichlid communities of Lake Tanganyika: the coexistence of
many endemic species (With 1 figure, 1 table and 2 appendices in the
text) 373-389
DE VOS, L. & SNOEKS, J.: The non-cichlid fishes of the Lake Tanganyika
basin (With 1 figure and 2 tables in the text) 391-405
MEYER, A., MONTERO, C. & SPREINAT, A.: Evolutionary history of the
cichlid fish species flocks of the East African great lakes inferred
from molecular phylogenetic data (With 6 figures in the text) 407-423
KOBAYAKAWA, M. & OKUYAMA, S.: Catfish fossils from the sediments of
ancient Lake Biwa (With 5 figures in the text) 425-431
NAKAJIMA, T.: Succession of cyprinid fauna in Paleo-lake Biwa (With 1
figure and 1 table in the text) 433-439
SIDELEVA, V.G.: Speciation of endemic Cottoidei in Lake Baikal (With 5
figures in the text) 441-450
Chapter 5: Conservation
COHEN, A.S.: Extinction in ancient lakes: Biodiversity crises and
conservation 40 years after J.L. BROOKS (With 4 figures and 1 table in
the text) 451-479
TURNER, G.F.: Fishing and the conservation of the endemic fishes of
Lake Malawi (With 3 tables in the text) 481-494
Part 3. Reports on discussions
LOWE-MCCONNELL, R.: Roles of ecological and behavioural studies in
understanding speciation 497
COHEN, A.S.: Conservation of ancient lake species 499-500
VERHEYEN, E.: Integration of molecular and traditional taxonomic
concepts and procedures 501-503
RIBBINK, A.J.: Rates and modes of speciation 505-508